Thesis Proposal and Thesis

The purpose of writing a thesis proposal is to demonstrate how the topic of a thesis can be used to address a current problem.  Thesis proposal also demonstrate the organized plan that a student has put in place for gathering and collecting data for a thesis study. Thesis proposal should be able to prove to lecturers or supervisors that you are able to carry out the given research successfully.

Thesis proposal is composed of three major parts mainly the title page, body and reference page.  Indicate the topic of your thesis paper on the title page. The topic should be relevant to you University or college course that you are pursuing.  Your name, name of the institution and lectures name should be written below the topic. The contents of the title page should be in accordance to the writing format.

The next part that follows the title page is the body part. The body of thesis proposal should start with a brief introduction. Ensure that you introduction is attractive enough to motive readers. Thesis statement should be mentioned in the introduction paragraph. Include research questions, aims and objectives of thesis study, the methodologies, and conclusions in the body of your thesis proposal. The last part of your thesis proposal should contain a list of all reference materials used. For a complete guide and help on how to write an impressive thesis proposal visit

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