Theme Lines, colors, shapes

Theme Lines, colors, shapes
Museum trip essay guide), While visiting the museum you will select two works of art upon which you are interested in basing your paper. After choosing your subject matter you will need to pose a research question. This is the question (about the subject) the paper will answer.You will need to collect sources through libraries and the internet. (try writing your reactions to some of the more interesting passages,keep notes.) Finding a thesis: your thesis is the answer to your research question. It articulates the main point of your paper. After you have found a thesis, you must support or prove it, (i.e How, or why). Your points of proof are the reasons why you think your thesis is true.

Gather as much information about the art work as you can while at the museum ( describe work in detail, incorporate appropriate use of the elements of art, and principles of design, make notes about it’s medium,size,content,style, place in history). While doing your research, find out what works of art, or artist or events in time may have influenced the work, and how this work influenced those who followed
(Sample outline) for essay
A.Identifying topic
B. State thesis
C.List points of proof
1.Point 1
2.Point 2
3.Point 3
2.Body(development points of proof)
A.Point 1
B.Point 2
C.Point 3

The Format: Your research paper will include an image or images. Which you are discussing, as a cover sheet, along with your name, my name,(Greenberg L.F) the date and the course title. The body of your essay will be a minimum of three to four pages long, one doubled spaced, twelve point font, with one inch margins, not included cover page, art-work, or use cited page. The last page will include your “Bibliography” or “works cited” page. You may use MLA or Chicago style of citation.
A minimum of two library books are required, you may cite from our text, but it may not be included as part of this minimum. Select good sources, the internet is a good starting point, but may not be your only resource. Do use citation in the body of your paper. This demonstrates your level of research. If you choose to plagiarize there may be “serious consequences”.

Research Rubric
1.paper typed
2.Thesis clearly stated in intro and referenced in the conclusion
3.Correct documentation style used in text
4.Citing evident
5.Minimum 4 sources (variety Types)
6.Works cited/Bibliography or References accurate and correctly formatted
7.Paper meets minimum length standard 4 pages excluding title and works cited/Bibliography or references).

Grading scale
Use of sources
1.research paper engaging appropriate documented (copy and submit sources)
2.Enough outside information to clearly represent a research process
3.proper use and employment of art terminology ie. elements, and principles
4.Information connects to thesis
1.Introduction engaging and clearly defines thesis
2.Thesis is challenged and focused
3.Content connecting to thesis is clarifying, exploring, explain, developing
4.Text organization flows sensibly and smoothly
5.Mixture or personal voice interwoven with research (commentary)
6.conclusions thoughtful, engaging, and clear
1. 12 point times New Roman font and appropriate margins
2.Usage grammar
3.Correct paragraphing
4.Written in formal style
Information literacy
1.Consistent Format MLA
2.Evidence and documentation or research used to support your thesis(sources represent variety and types)
3.Documentation demonstrates conscientious application of citing ethics
4.Evidence of sorting and selecting appropriate material