the way how to love

In some parts of South Africa, more than one in three people is HIV positive. As we can see in line graph, HIV increases to 22,800 quantity of people between year 1990 to 1998. Between 1998 to 2003, the increasing slows down. However, it was caused over 30,000 death in south Africa. The way that virus transmission is due to HIV carriers – woman who got into sex work.
The speaker point out three main idea of his book: change in economic, love& sex exchange, and gander. From speaker’s reach shows how information change effect sexually transmitted disease; health indicial could be infected by HIV carrier. in this cause , he’s reach date only basic on black African and exclude same sax,not talking about any Specific locations.
1. First point: change political economic:
1) social structure Agriculturalzing to industrialization
2) The traditional Africa life mode is people work together as a unit of family, pronounced division of labor exists , people work without wages just product daily supplies for themselves and their family (same as mentioned in novel Houseboy). After European colonial invaded in 1993, this accustomed pattern of production has been destroyed, African was forced to work and earn wages to pay for life. also, the local cultural of African was broken-down. However, it’s hard for the black women to find a job at that time; many women were forced to be prostitutes. example: 2000 woman go to work and get HIV.
3) more cancer. African not living in tribe where in remote area, they live in a terrible place that near factory and firms in 1951. during world war two, labor force was increased. African moved from village to city or around city. Urbanization is rapidly eating up what viable farm land exists around cities. Example, in Zulu, arable land for cotton becomes factory by European by 1950.
More and more unmarried woman and man start rent house, but those houses that provided by government was bungalow and looks like sundog. In urban area, HIV started diffuse with low marriage.(Man doesn’t have the ability to support one or more than one wife’s daily needs.)example: unmarried range shows in graphic, 2005, 72%-80%.
a) unfair treatment for woman find a job,1990, woman ask for a job.
b) 1970, racial discrimination. white get a job is much easier.
1973, big unite, only for man.
c) 1994, whole family live in a rental house but not own house which means have to pay for rent and bill, consequence: reduce the number of marriage and everyone have to find a job for bill pay.
d) 1960, divorce rate decrease
e) 2001(significant), divorce rate increase, more woman movement and woman right more important.
l marriage?middle class
l woman?labor not rely on man
l patten have turn to be a large part
2. love& sex exchange
l 1993, a woman named Tandi sell her body for raising her baby. At that time, low adoption rate of condom, ex: girlfriend and boyfriend not using.
l Due to the change of society, dating relationship decrease and the number of prostitutes increases. people get marry with no love.
l How sex ? relatonship? How to talk about love?
should encourage to love not just compute husband
romantic love in drama ,magazine :only one side love, young man.
romantic love in real life: provide love, independent, wage labor.
man get more income and support for woman. sex and marriage requite love.
20th century, give gift for sex rather than get marry.
l 1999, prostitutes increase, poor man unable to support a woman.
3. gender:
violence in sex
young girls are easy to get batter "economic body" all man like tohave young girlfriend to support, young man got no girlfriend, because they are poor and unable to support a girlfriend.
When the man who have girlfriend finances were bad condition, the rate of violence is increase.