The homeless

The homeless

Project description
Community Issue

This essay needs to be 1,200 words minimum; your rough draft should be close to the minimum to get credit for it, and it should have a beginning, middle, and end.

For this project, you will produce a persuasive paper that makes an argument addressing some specific issue or topic within one of the communities to which you belong. This can be a town, a club, the community of SUU students, etc.

The main objective of this paper is for students to become familiar with the genre of academic writing. Your introduction should contextualize your argument. What is the issue? How is the issue playing out in your community? Who is influenced by this issue: children, students, environmentalist, teachers, women, voters, business, entertainment, family, etc.? Why is (should) this issue (be) important to your audience? In addition to articulating your own position, it is also important in academic writing, to express opposing ideas and positions. Be sure to make your audience aware of the fact that not everyone agrees with your position on this issue and why.

Be sure that your essay contains the following:

An introduction that contextualizes the main issue that your essay will be addressing: what key terms need to be defined for your audience? What are some main points that your audience will need to know to have a clear idea about the issue you are addressing?
A clearly articulated thesis statement: what is your position? What is your purpose for writing this essay?
Clear and provable claims that can be supported by evidence.
Evidence for your claims—don’t expect your audience to just take your word for it!
Integrate facts, data, and direct quotes from at least one article to both articulate the issue and the many positions people hold on this issue, but also to support your claims.
Craft transitions between paragraphs when moving from one main point/idea to the next.
Compose a conclusion that explains why this issue is important, and why your position on this issue should be accepted and acted upon.
What solution do you propose and how can it be enacted? (No one likes a complainer who doesn’t contribute to the solution).
Use at least one academically sound source- a newspaper article, a law you are concerned with, etc.
Please make sure your topic is narrow enough to deal with in 3-4 pages! (For example, “gender equality”covers way too much for a paper this length, but equal pay in education is narrow enough for this length.)