Term papers

Term papers require students to give a thorough analysis of a topic using relevant information to support one’s ideas. The first step in writing a term paper is selecting a topic. One should select a topic, which is easily understood, and one with relevant sources of information. There should be past or current studies going on in the topic area of choice. After choosing the topic, one should get all sources of information for the topic. These will serve as references for the paper. The ideas in these sources will be used to support one’s ideas. This is what will give the paper originality and quality. Then the outline of the paper is written. This shows how the ideas will be discussed. This is mainly done in the form of headings and subheadings. After the outline, the first draft should be written. It should reflect all topics and subtopics as arranged in the outline. The first draft should be edited for any omissions and grammatical errors. These errors and omissions are rectified and, finally one writes the final draft. One can request a colleague to assist in the proofreading of the final draft. It should be free of any errors.

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