A co-curricular activity I undertook in college.

I have participated in several voluntary activities and normally like helping those in need of my assistance. I assisted an old woman who was living alone without a family as one of the obligatory school activities and my role was to be her grandson. Despite the activity being compulsory, I enjoyed the experience and I learnt useful tips in life. I learnt from the old woman that humility is very important. She would give me tips on good living as I accompanied her to the church which was my mandate as she was physically disabled and I was supposed to assist her to walk. She was very kind to me and I learnt that it is good to be kind to others, even the disadvantaged in the society; they too have their contribution to the society. Something that meant so little to me could be a great encouragement to others.

Reasons for transferring

I am an international student currently taking an Associate of Arts in Business in NorthSeattleCommunity College, Seattle, Washington. I have learnt the strategies for solving differences among people and communities besides building good relations while living together in diversity. I am able comfortably and successfully handle difficult situations.  This is as a result of the experience I have gathered while interacting with different people in Diaspora coupled with the experience I got from my years of service in the military between 2005 and 2007. I was previously studying sociology in KoreaUniversity, Seoul, Korea. I left my university studies after sophomore to do compulsory military service.

Skills I learnt during my work experience

My life the military has taught me critical lessons on how to coexist with people despite social, cultural and racial differences. Through interacting with people of all walks of life in the international arena, I have learnt interpersonal communication is very important. These are experiences that I will apply in my career as it entails good relations with all people no matter their social status. This is the most critical skill for any student in business-related studies and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to gain this experience during my two years-service in the military. I have also worked in a busy premise dealing with banking and corporate affairs during my Summer Internship at Duwonin Deco Co., Ltd, Seoul, Korea. This was during my summer intern between April and July 2008. Although I was not entitled to formal payment, I would get upkeep money in appreciation of my services to the company. I undertook submitting papers to the bank, receiving calls and filling out billing documents. This experience gave me a touch of business environment as I interacted with big and influential people in the industry from whom I learned customer relations as well as vital business practices.

My plan for the University’s mission of Scholarship in Action

As part of the University’s mission of Scholarship in Action, I have a comprehensive plan to change the economic lives of the local community for the better. As a business student, I plan to achieve this by actively participating in the city’s business activities by bringing into practice the vital skills that I have acquired during my studies in business as well as devising a whole new way of doing business in the highly competitive world. I am very optimistic that my initiative will lead to the creation of new jobs which will improve the lives of the unemployed. It is my intention to participate in feasibility studies aimed at bringing new practices within corporations which will give them a competitive edge and make them more profitable through improving their market share.

Motivation for application

I am seeking transfer from NorthSeattleCommunity College, Seattle, to SyracuseUniversity to complete my studies. I have been influenced by my friend’s immense success in the job market after he graduated from Syracuse where he was doing the same course as me and I am convinced that prospective employers trust degrees from Syracuse. My friend was seeking the job with other graduates from other universities who had the same qualifications and experience but he was picked on account of the university he attended, because they trust quality education is emphasized in Syracuse. It is as a result of this that I would like to transfer to this university, as I know my future lies in a good degree which I hope to realize in Syracuse. I am optimistic that my request will be considered.