There are several similarities as well as differences between the department of homeland security (DHS) and the federal bureau of investigations (FBI). The two arms of the law work in cooperation with the aim of providing security to the people of America by protecting them and the nation’s interests from the threat of terrorists.

The department of homeland security is a department of the cabinet of the federal government of the U.S whose key responsibilities are to protect America’s territory against attacks from terrorists. It also has a duty to respond to natural disasters. Unlike the FBI which does its operations both inside and outside the nation, the DHS’ is restricted to the civilian sphere with a duty to protect the country within, at, as well as outside its borders. DHS has a stated goal of preparing for, preventing, and responding to domestic emergencies, specifically terrorism. DHS works under coordination from the white house by its supreme organ, the Homeland Security Council (The U.S Department of Homeland security).

The department of homeland security ensures that the cyber networks of the United States are secured. The agency achieves this by enhancing coordination. It ensures a wide approach to countering threats that may be targeted at the country’s cyber networks as well as infrastructure. Protection of the cyber networks is aimed mainly at enhancing the country’s capabilities of protecting against threats that may be directed at the country’s civilian as well as military computer networks and systems. The department is responsible for the security of the country’s aviation systems and enforcing aviation and immigration laws. The department was mandated the responsibility of ensuring the security of the aviation system within the country after an assessment of the security situation in 2002 whereby it was identified that there was a global evolution of terrorist threats hence the urgent need to secure the country’s aviation.

The federal bureau of investigation has some similarities with the DHS in the sense that it also has a duty to protect the citizens of America from the threat of terrorism. Although their duties are not limited to some specific areas, the FBI is charged with protecting the citizens of America from the threat posed by terrorists. It is mandated to protect the all the citizens, their families as well as the businesses of Americans from threats that may also pose danger to the republic in general. The FBI differs from DHS in the sense that it covers both internal as well as international threats. It takes care of the security of the American people and their property from the threats that may be posed by both domestic and international terrorists. Whereas both security agencies handle the issue of terrorist threats, the DHS is not mandated to operate beyond the borders of the republic. The FBI deals with cyber villains just the same way as DHS but the duties of the FBI cover corruption within government officials (The Federal Bureau of Investigations).


It is important to note that the two bodies have in common the duties of securing the borders of the U.S from terrorists and these threats may pose to the people, including securing cyber networks. The duties of the FBI are however more diverse and cover a wider area since they are charged with ensuring the security of the people both from inside and outside the republic, wherever they may be in the globe. Both bodies are duty bound to defend and uphold the nation’s economy and the physical as well its electronic infrastructure. Both security agencies are threat-driven.


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