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Executive summary

Ecotourism is one of the areas that have given very little attention as activities that destroy this very important aspect of nature continue to rise. Pollution mainly caused by poor methods of farming and unchecked human activity along the coastal areas are the main contributors to the destruction of beaches and forests.  These factors are mainly to blame for the diminishing marine life and coastal forests. This paper takes a look at FraserIsland, a coastal strip found along the coastal strip of Australia. It is specifically found along the Pacific Ocean in Melbourne, Australia. FraserIsland occupies an area an area in which has natural attraction to human beings. Many people visit this resort for both learning and recreational activities. The area has vast resource from the land and sea. It has several problems although the benefits are even more than the productions. Several aspects which are natural in nature can be associated to the many varieties of both animal and sand life.


FraserIsland is the largest sand island in Australia. It is situated along the coast of Brisbane and stretches into the Pacific Ocean. FraserIsland has been chosen for its ecotourism features which are natural and diverse. It has a very beautiful beach where tourists can enjoy natural attraction in the form of flora and fauna. FraserIsland matches with ecotourism as it is located on a natural beach and offers several ecotourism products. Tourists visiting the site can enjoy bushwalking on an island with natural climate and fresh air. People can also enjoy watching wildlife in the island where there is a variety of trees, and animals both on sea and on land. Wildlife watching and bushwalking can be a memorable experience combined with photography whereby one can take the pictures of the diverse ecotourism varieties and watch them later or share them with friend.

The viability of the ecotourism site is very high as it is self sustainable due to the several tourists who flock the island every year in large numbers. Fraser is the largest sand island and as such it is a very beautiful place to be. This island is home to 72 different types of colored sand as well as the largest fern front that are found in the world. The island has been in existence for more than 3000 year (Peter Meyer Photography, 2010).

The uniqueness of this island is outstanding as it has several features that any person would dream of in an ecotourism site. It is renowned for, among other things, being a sand island along a very pleasant coastal climate.  The authorities in this ecotourism site have tried to meet several environmental conservation regulations although it is wanting in some aspects. There has to be efficiency in the way natural resources for example water as well as energy are used. This can be achieved by adopting a recycling programme which strictly meets the stipulated criteria. The facility provides training for its managers as well as guides on the areas that are crucial in maintaining the ecosystem. The authorities ensure that the rules and regulations are followed to conserve the natural resources in the beach resort. It is worthy noting that the authorities have made all efforts with the aim of availing the necessary information to the stake holders in order that the environment can be strictly conserved to protect the ecotourism site (Evans, 2001). All the stake holders are given both written and verbal education which enables them to communicate freely to ensure information is easily available. The government tries the best ways it can in which it can to meet the standards. The management does prepare interpreted material so that the required information is well understood. Whenever people visit the ecotourism site they are required to have respect for natural environmental resources so that the island does not get destroyed (SeeFraserIsland, 2010).

The Island’s policy is that the people who visit there should maintain their respect for whatever they find in the island. The authorities who are charged with overseeing the ecotourism of Fraser ought to put more efforts on quality control. The rare resources that are found on this ecotourism site need to be guarded. It is more important to safeguard them in order to ensure that it does not get depleted as human activities continue to be a threat. It is important to preserve nature without which the site will be a gone case.

There is a general lack of proper time management by the authorities. The managers have had a problem with the way they manage time. It is very important for any organization to ensure that the invaluable resource of time is properly managed. Non-renewable resources can only be preserved by making proper use of them while they last. The ecosystem of Fraser would be much better of if time was properly managed by making sure that every minute is used in the right way and by doing the right thing at the right time. Time wasted is never recovered and as such for the ecosystem of Fraser to be managed in the proper way, time should be managed in the right way. It is only through proper management of time that all the things that are supposed do be done are done at the right time (Fraser IslandAustralia, 2010).

The safety of the belongings of visitors is an issue in FraserIsland. Many guests have tended to avoid areas whose managers do not guarantee the safety of their belongings. Security arrangements have to be put in place for the safeguarding of the property of visitors to increase the credibility of the management.

FraserIsland has two major aspects which mostly attract the tourists; Wildlife habitats and climbing trees in the Wanggoolba creek. People go to the Island to walk in the forests which offer a very refreshing feeling, with the cool breeze and refreshing air. This site may lose its natural attraction if the authorities do not ensure that there is a very strict management of anural resource. Wildlife habitats are threatened by degradation of the habitat. The government needs to put more efforts in managing and protecting wildlife both on sea and on land in order to keep the tourists coming to see these beautiful creatures of the land (Fraser IslandAustralia, 2010).

The Stakeholders of the resort are the government and Eurong beach resort which is situated on the island. The general public also has a claim on the island as they are the beneficiaries of the recreational facilities the island offers. The government’s focus is mainly on mediating on issues of conflict arising from human activity and the wildlife. Wildlife and trees are the main casualties in such cases and the government ensures that the two are adequately protected by providing enough security and by mediating with the other stakeholders to try and preserve the ecosystem. The beach resort on the island is very crucial to the ecotourism of the area as it offers and supports value services for example accommodation.  The government uses the legislation in a bid to protect the area. It provides information as well as the protection of the area. The government has enacted a fiscal policy which enables it to enforce issues of quality control (Choose your own FraserIsland, 2010).


FraserIsland is a popular destination and the government should offer enough security for the people touring the island so as to attract more revenue. People should be provided with vital information long before they go on a visit to the Island because one must first know what to expect so that they can choose what actually interests them and where to find it. It is also important to give the people who are visiting the site enough time so that they can enjoy viewing animals and other forms of geography, like walking through the forests and watching marine like. Whales are a major attraction and people flock to the seaside to watch the (Whale Watching, 2010).


























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