Risk management

Risk management has become critical to bank performance. Prepare a credit risk analysis of a leading UK commercial bank. BANK have to choose Barclays
You have to use the follow structure.thanks

ADVICE: The report should take the form of an analytical risk review of the banks processes and mechanisms that they have in place to manage their financial risks.  It is essential that you:

academic review must be between 2000 and 2014 years

•    consider at least a five year timeframe stretching back before the onset of the financial crisis in 2007; and
•    link to the theories and current thinking regarding credit risk management;

Bank choice: Barclays
1.    Introduction
2.    Literature Reivew (1300 – 1500 words)
Academic literature: credit risk in banking
Industry literature: European central bank or Federal Banks
Bank says or states: annual report and pillar 3 report.
Pillar 3:
–    AMA (Advanced Measurement Approach)
–    Quantitative models
3.    Data analysis (no more than 1200 words)
3.1  Basel ? pillar 3 analysis : PD, LGD, EAD
3.2  Bank will also utilise ratios (qualitative methods) to support the results
Total capital ratio
Tier 1 capital ratio
NIM (Net Interest Margin)
NOTE: –   All Ratio data should be found from BANKSCOPE, and must compare each ratio with the central bank group (the average percentage of ratio from four leading UK bank: Barclays, Lloyds, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC)
–    Put the line chart in this analysis part
–    Term analysis for Pillar 3 and all other data select from 2007 to 2012 (post crisis)
4.    Discussion and conclusion
5.    Reference
6.    Appendices
All data you used should be put in this part.

1.    Pillar 3 will be using quantitative information a lot UK banks using AMA and in this approach you would be use quantitative models.
2.    What the assessment is about what techniques they talk about in their credit risk management literature.
3.    In the literature part, you got 3 sets of peoples that look at credit risk in banks: the academics and the industry and the banks. The industry is things like the European central bank and may be the federal banks in the America.
What you gonna do is to find out the information on credit risk in banking from academic articles. Then find ones from the industry. And then go to pillar 3 and the annual report. Make sure you take off the banks states, and make it explain the industry information and explain the academic literatures. Then explain the banking doing. Link them (academic, industry and banks literature) together. It is not about running models, it is being where and what models they are using. And seeing what the academic say about them, what the industry says about them and what the banks actually doing. So that sources one part of the question.
4.    And the other part is, all right, they say the bank doing something, but what is the data say of Barclays. You need to look at some ratios.
5.    This report is about What the academic say about banks credit risk models, what the industry say about the credit risk models, and what the banks say in pillar 3. How did they all link together. What the pick ratios are link to credit risk as I said earlier.