Resolving Ethical Dilemmas

In this assignment, research one approach to resolving ethical dilemmas in business situations. The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to concentrate on your research efforts on a selected approach to resolving ethics dilemmas. Through this assignment, focus on the theoretical foundations, basic tenets, and criticisms of the chosen approach. You can apply the selected approach to the resolution of a selected business ethics dilemma. Write a 4–5 page research paper on resolving ethical dilemmas and present it in Microsoft word document format. Carry out the following steps toward writing your research paper:
1.    Select one of the following approaches to resolving ethical dilemmas:?
?    Common-good approach
?    Fairness or justice approach
?    Rights approach
?    Utilitarian approach
?    Virtue approach
2.    Research the professional and peer-reviewed literature relative to the selected approach. Your research effort should examine the following aspects of the selected approach:?
?    Theoretical foundations including the major theorists responsible for its development?
?    Basic tenets?
?    Positive and negative criticisms?
3.    Select a moral business dilemma from one of the following sources and briefly summarize the facts of the dilemma:?
?    Ethics dilemma that you or a coworker experienced with a current or former employer?
?    Ethics dilemma noted in a business news journal (such as Wall Street Journal)?
?    Noteworthy example from the past as identified in peer-reviewed literature source?
4.    Use your knowledge and research findings relative to the selected approach to examine the selected moral business dilemma. Critically evaluate whether or not the selected approach proved useful in appropriately resolving the ethical dilemma. Use the following format for your research paper:?
?    Introduction?
?    Rationale for selecting this approach ?
?    Theory foundation?
?    Historical background related to the development of the approach?
?    Basic tenets?
?    Major beliefs concerning the approach?
?    Examples to illustrate the application of the approach to ethical dilemmas?
?    Positive and negative criticisms?
?    The positive attributes or advantages of this approach
?    The negative attributes, disadvantages, or flaws in this approach?
?    Evaluation of business ethics dilemma?
?    Explanation of ethics dilemma
?    Application of selected approach to resolving the dilemma
?    Effectiveness of selected approach in resolving the dilemma?
?    Conclusion?
?    Brief summary of main points in the paper
?    Do you agree with the approach? Why or why not?