Research papers

These are detailed discussions on a topic where concepts and conclusions are drawn from findings carried out by the writer. The first thing is to select a topic or an issue which will form the basis of the research. Relevant sources of information on the topic are the identified. The sources of information are discussed in the literature review section of the paper. There is the methodology section which details the methods used to collect data for research. The methods should be explained clearly. The explanation given should enable the reader understand the process used in a way such that the study can be replicated elsewhere. The findings of the study are then discussed using relevant theory and concepts. The writing style provided in the instructions must be followed in the entire paper. Students must avoid plagiarism. Any copying of previous research works is strictly prohibited. It can lead to cancellation of the entire paper and lead to serious penalties. After the findings of the study, the student should then conclude. The conclusion contains information on what the student did and any limitations experienced. The student can suggest what other research works should focus on for more tangible results. For more elaborate and detailed guidelines visit

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