Quality control policy :

Quality Assurance Statement:
Mohammed?s Company assures that the quality and standard of work is in accordance with the company?s Quality Assurance Policy as based on the vision statement, strategy and goals of the company. This policy is used as a guideline for providing the best quality of services to the clients and stakeholders. Our company also strives to provide the best possible level of quality to its clients is an essential role and aim of Mohammed?s Company. It is our commitment to the company that assures that maintaining high standards of quality have let our company grow from a small consultancy office to the successful company that it has been built into. Our company is obliged to the safety and requirements which is a part of the Quality Assurance policy.

The Quality Statement of Mohammed?s Company:
?The aim of Mohammed?s Company is to provide consulting service which is cost effective that will result in provision of services of consistently high quality and fully meeting customers? expectations.
Our system incorporates the following elements within our policy. These are regular meetings and monitoring of client feedback including complaints and criticisms, regular management reviews, communication and consultation to all stakeholders and providing up-to-date materials and project progress.
This quality management system is available on request, and included in all the new staff ?welcome packs?. Our creative and managing director is ultimately responsible for your quality assurance, but all employees are encouraged to be accountable for individual projects. This statement and the methodology that follows are reviewed annually. The company also makes sure that client?s investments fit the purpose and deliver the value for their investments and our company also pays attention to customer?s satisfaction as per the quality that is promised as it is one of the company?s important targets.