1. Assignment

This coursework assignment consists of two components. Component 1 is an individual
assignment with 30% Marks and component2 is a group assignment with 70% Marks.
1.1 Component 1-Individual (30%)

0 Choose any ONE Project (preferably a manual or partially computerized system)
and conduct a thorough study on the chosen system. The chosen system must be
approved by the module leader who has full right to add difficulty to the system if
the system is found to be unchallenging.

o This component requires the production of a 2000 words Project Charter, Scope
Management document and suitable quality standard for chosen project

0 Scope Management document should cover the Requirements for the project,
RTM, Scope statement, High level WBS on process and product.

0 Quality Management document should cover the plan for assuring quality, metrics
and Justification

0 Each student should produce his or her own, independent work without
consultation and collaboration with classmates.

1.2 Component 2- Group work (70%)

o This component is the group assignment and consists of nine tasks. Group
member numbers are decided by the module leader.

0 Choose the best project charter among your group members. It should be
approved by the module leader.

0 For the chosen project charter, apply project management techniques to deveIOp
the detailed report (Time, Cost, Risk and Procurement).

0 You are required to submit the documents that are listed in the marking criteria on
page no 4.

0 Prepare and present a power point presentation summarising your finding to be
presented to your peers in the class. The presentation should last no more than 15

Component 1
1. Project Charter
2. Scope Management Document
3. Quality Standard
Component 2
1. One Development Methodology with Justification
2. Identify and explain the purpose of any three different project management
tools that can used for your project
3. Project Organisation Structure with justification
4. Network of Stakeholder for your project
5. Cost Management
6. Time Management Document I
7. Risk Management Document
8. Procurement Document
9. Presentation
Students should read carefully the notice on plagiarism placed on the student notice board.
Any use of materials from other sources/persons should be clearly indicated and references given
in the text.
Students are also required to complete the form re: Plagiarism which is available from the Level 1
Service Counter.
Any late submission of work results in an automatic mark of zero (0%).
The coursework should be submitted to Turn-it-in and the report should be appended with the
coursework without fail.