Plan and manage conference and undertake project work

Plan and manage conference and undertake project work
Paper instructions:
Following the memorudum instruction the work will be below:

Part 1- Plan conference

1. Outline the conference title, purpose and target audience ( approx 1 page)

2. Define the project stakeholders and explain in your own words what the limits of your responsibility is within this project

3. What are the objectives of this project and how will its success affect Valley View

4. Outline the consultation process taken and methods you used to ensure each team member’s views were included in decision making process

5. A plan or Gantt chart that sets out all tasks, who is responsible and in what time frames.

6. A comprehensive budget, including any sponsorship arrangements

7. Write a memo to your manager to update him on the progress and gain any necessary approvals
Suggested appendix documentation may include but is not limited to :

? Requests by senior management to organise a conference
? Meeting agenda
? Meeting minutes
? Project management Gantt chart
? Emails
? Budget
? Memo




Part 2- Promote conference

8. Select appropriate speakers and explain the reason for your choice and how this will help promotion the conference theme.
9. Prepare an appropriate conference program and explain how you would distribute this program to each registered participant.
10. Outline your marketing strategy, including examples of advertising material and an explanation of how you will use each piece of advertising material to market the conference
11. Schedule for printing and distribution of conference publicity material
Suggested appendix documentation may include but is not limited to:

? Conference program
? Promotion plan
? Publicity material
? Invitation to participants

Part 3: Organise Conference

12. Make arrangements for Speakers / presenters. Ensure you are aware of their needs for the conference day. Provide examples of correspondence which include all the speakers needs

13. Research three venues; provide details, including printouts from research. Include in your report the reason for your final choice of venue and all arrangements made for

The venue

? Delegate accommodations
? Conference rooms and equipment required
? Catering – including dietary requirements
? Travel to and from conference
? Contingencies plan (be specific)
? Risk management plan for OHS issues. Consider disabilities
? Support for team members and delegates with special needs
Suggested appendix documentation may include but is not limited to
o Printouts from research
o Copies of correspondence
o Information including maps, parking, accommodation at conference facilities
o Quotes and booking forms for conference facilities
o Information related to identifying, selecting and inviting speakers and presenters
o Brief to speakers
o Speakers schedules
o Pre-conference information sent to participants
Part 4: Co-ordinate conference proceedings

14. Registration procedure including examples of documentation required

15. How would you provide support for the team members on the day of the conference

16. An appropriate evaluation tool
Suggested appendix documentation may include but is not limited to

o Examples of documentation required such as registration form, tax invoice etc.
o Evaluation tools used
o Correspondence and documents that describe conference administration requirements

Part 5: Follow up conference proceedings

Report on the outcomes of the conference to stakeholders, including:

17. Success or failure of contingence plan

18. Reconciliation of budget (final budget)

19. How are you going to involve all team members in the project review and wind up?

20. Document the lessons learnt from the project and what you would change next time.

21. A procedure for the distribution of post conference papers and reports