Personal Portfolio

Personal portfolio is used to show the previous experience, personal, educational and professional goals of students.  The personal portfolio can be used by lecturers to evaluate the appropriateness of a student for a particular assignment. Students should therefore, try as much as possible to write impressive personal portfolio that can attract the attention of readers and prospective employers.

The first step in writing of an effective personal portfolio is to determine your previous achievements. When describing your previous achievement, it is necessary that you include information such as the date, the duration, and the assignments undertaken. Make the statements of your previous achievement be short and brief. This will ensure that readers are not distorted when reading your personal portfolio. Lectures and prospective employers are interested in knowing your personal, educational, and professional goals. Ensure that you mention clearly all your goals in the personal portfolio. The goals that you mention in your personal portfolio should be related to the academic degree program that you are pursuing. Avoid mentioning of professional goals that are irrelevant to your degree program.

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