Organizational behaviour

Organizational behaviour
For Assignment 1, you are asked to write an analytical essay based on your results from a number of personality and values indicators. You should structure your essay as a continuous piece of writing that consists of a brief introduction, main body of discussion and conclusion. Your argument and analysis should develop logically and systematically and be supported with reference to a wide range of sources from the organisational behaviour literature.
You are required to complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Big Five Personality Test, the McDonald and Gandz Values and Commitment Survey, and the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) that were discussed in class. Using your personal results and the theoretical concepts and frameworks of OB related to personality, attitudes and values and decision making that you have studied in this subject:
1. Identify and discuss your own dominant personality traits and personal values. (You may find it useful to present the data in table form and use this as a basis for your analysis).
2. Identify and analyse your individual strengths and weaknesses revealed through the various test results, and critically reflect on how these might affect individual behaviour and actions. (For example, what insights does your analysis provide on how your personality and personal values and belief system influence your response to different situations either in the workplace or day-to-day living, your interactions with others, what is important to you, and your preferred activities. Provide examples to support your discussion.)
3. Consider how the insights provided by your critical reflection above and your reading of organisational behaviour theory might help you better manage yourself and others. Give examples of how you do or could apply these when managing others.
4. Provide a conclusion that draws together the key findings of your analysis and the implications for your personal development and workplace interactions.
Individual Essay – Assessment Criteria Checklist

The response should demonstrate a sound grasp of the academic literature and draw on and apply a range of theoretical concepts and frameworks from OB and, where appropriate, include relevant examples. The response should take an analytical and critical perspective consistent with the expectations of a postgraduate student. Evaluation of the individual written assignment will be in terms of the criteria below.
Essay Criteria – Written Report Poor Excellent
Clear and relevant introduction to the task, scope and purpose of essay

Identifies and analyses dominant personality traits
Identifies and analyses personal values and attitudes

Identifies individual strengths and weaknesses revealed through the various test results
Includes appropriate workplace experiences/ examples to illustrate your argument.
Draws on relevant theories and frameworks to support the practical implications of findings.
Critically reflect on how these might affect your individual behaviour and actions.



Critical reflection on how organisational behaviour theory has helped you better manage yourself and others
Clear argument and logical structure including paragraphing and written expression and clear and relevant conclusion



Research skills, referencing and use of academic sources beyond the textbook (min.6 academic journals /references)