Non-governmental organization (NGO) Transient Workers Count Too

Non-governmental organization (NGO) Transient Workers Count Too

Scenario ARTICLE

According to non-governmental organization (NGO) Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2), there are nearly one million low-wage migrant workers in Singapore, making about 20 percent of the total population.
These low-wage transient workers are mostly employed in labour-intensive sectors that Singaporean workers shun—construction, shipyards, sanitation services, manufacturing, and more.
NGOs such as TWC2 argue that because low-wage transient workers are typically lowly educated, speak very limited English, and are completely reliant on their employers for their Work Permit and beholden to their employment contract, these workers are extremely vulnerable to all sorts of abuse by their employers, who withhold their wages, deny them proper medical care, and compel them to work in unsafe environments.
The year 2012 for example was marked by some high-profile cases in which low-wage transient workers decided to protest what they saw as unfair treatment in very public ways.
In December 2012, two China migrant workers employed by Zhong Jiang (Singapore) International climbed and stayed on a 10-storey crane at Jurong Port Road for nine hours to protest what they said were unpaid wages.
In November 2012, 102 SMRT bus drivers refused to report for work to protest what said were unfair wages and employment contracts, as well as unsatisfactory working and living conditions.
More dramatically, in November 2011, a construction worker from India was disposed of and left to die in a pool of blood by his employer after he fell and was injured by a brick wall.
These incidents exposed the deeper issues that low-wage transient workers face in Singapore. NGOs such as TWC2 argue that not enough is being done to protect this vulnerable group from being exploited even as they are being brought in to do the toughest jobs that no Singapore worker wants to do.

Part A (30 marks)
Choose an issue of public interest related to low-wage transient workers in Singapore.
Write a 300-words
Online report and headline for a local news site that demonstrates your grasp of journalistic principles and writing for the Web.
The writing must fit the writing style for an online news site. It cannot be a writing style fit for newspaper print.
Your story angle must cover the economic as well as social aspects.
You must also focus on an individual or group to highlight the human and emotional dimensions of the issues.
Part B (70 marks)

Compile a photo essay using 8 to 10 images or graphics, to complement your online report.

You may download suitable images from the Web or capture your own pictures with a digital/phone camera. Credit the source of your images if they are not your own.

Original images and visuals would earn more marks.
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Help me capture photos in your area showing Chinese and low skill workers ? pertaining to the article above. Having a few of your own pictures would help.

Write captions for each image and give your photo-essay a title. Each caption should not exceed 50 words and should as much as possible, answer the “Who, What, Where, When, Why and How” of the image.

This must be written in a PHOTO ESSAY STYLE OF WRITING

The 2nd part carries 70 marks ? Please ensure greater emphasis in this area.