Movies review

Movie review is a way of converting a verbal message into written or non verbal message. Writing of a movie review requires a student to spare adequate time for the assignment. Movie reviews should be based on a particular movie that is specified by the lecturer or course instructor.  It will be irrelevant for a person to write a movie review based on written information. The students should first of all watch the movie that he or she is supposed to review.

Identify all the characters that are involved in that particular movie. Make sure that you are able to master all the characters in the movie by their names. The next step is for you to identify the theme of the movie. This will ensure that your movie review adopts the appropriate message tone. Highlight all the scenes that are captured in the movie. The messages in the movie should also be analyzed. Messages of a movie will help you to come up with appropriate topics and sub topics of the movie review. Write the review with the appropriate tone that is portrayed in the movie. Make sure that there is a smooth flow of the contents of your movie review.


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