Marks Attempt ALL questions. (which are based on the menu on Page two)

Marks Attempt ALL questions. (which are based on the menu on Page two) 1. (a) Identify three principles of menu planning and explain how each influences the choice of dishes on the dinner menu. (b) Calculate the cost of the kiwi and lemon cheesecake for 60 portions, using the information from the chart below. You must show individual food costings for each of the listed ingredients and a total cost for the 60 portions. Kiwi and lemon cheesecake Ingredients list for 6 portions 150 g 50 g 350 g 150 g 4 2 5 ml 4 digestive biscuits unsalted butter mascarpone cheese caster sugar medium eggs lemons vanilla extract kiwi fruits 90p £4.00 £5.80 £1.20 £2.40 30p 26p 80p Food cost per 400 g per kilogram per kilogram per kilogram per dozen each per 10 ml for 2



(c) Calculate the selling price of the meal to achieve a 70% gross profit. You must show the formula and clear calculations. 2 (13) 2. (a) In a recipe style, describe in detail the method of preparation and cooking of the following dishes. (i) Classic French onion soup (ii) Tenderloin of pork stuffed with apricots (b) Describe in detail a suitable presentation of each dish from the dinner menu. (Clearly labelled detailed drawings may be used.) 4 (12) 4 4

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Marks 3. State the correct holding requirements and temperature for the following. (a) Smoked mackerel mousse with spicy pear chutney (b) Tenderloin of pork stuffed with apricots (c) Kiwi and lemon cheesecake with coconut tuille 6 (6) 4. (a) Describe in detail the storage requirements for the following fresh commodities. (i) Cream cheese (ii) Root vegetables (b) State two quality points for each of the following. (i) Pork tenderloin (ii) Smoked mackerel (iii) Fresh pears 6 (8) 5. (a) Explain the difference between a detergent and a disinfectant. (b) Explain the importance of a cleaning schedule. (c) List three procedures which may help to prevent food contamination. (d) Give two important design principles for the construction of a modern, professional working kitchen. (e) (i) Identify two principles of HACCP. (ii) Explain one of your chosen principles. (f) Explain the role of the Environmental Health Officer. 1 1 3 2