Marketing of Food Processors

Marketing of Food Processors
Project description
This assessment should be in the form of an academic report form

The product that the report should refer to in the assessment is(TEFAL DO250D40 Store Inn Food Processor – Silver & Black)

Its not about the product its self but more about the theories and the concepts,Buyer Behaviours,Marketing Environment,Models & Frameworks ,Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) and Marketing Mix Recommendations.

You work within the Marketing Department of a company that manufactures food processors for domestic use in the UK (TEFAL DO250D40 Store Inn Food Processor – Silver & Black)

Write a report critically analyzing and evaluating the marketing of a particular food processor (the choice of food processor is yours though it must one on the list available on x-stream). Taking marketing issues into account you are asked to choose and focus your report on a particular food processor putting forward recommendations for the marketing mix over the next 12 months.


The report should offer explanation, description and critical analysis.
To help you structure your work, have a look at the assessment criteria.
Remember to use a variety of sources to gather your information/data.
Always reference your work using the Harvard referencing system information relating to referencing is available in the library and on the skills for learning web pages.

This is an academic report: you are therefore expected to engage with appropriate literature to build and substantiate your arguments and are required to fully reference all materials used. As well as taking into account issues around the marketing environment your report must be supported by clearly defined segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies. You are also required to put forward and justify recommendations for the design of a suitable marketing mix.
Referencing Requirements:
Suggested Resources

Access to Mintel on the Internet for sector/product reports. You will be able to access Mintel reports via the Learning Centre on line. You will require an ATHENS username and password to access such reports.
Access to other marketing intelligence as available.
Information on the manufacturers of food processors and food processors is available within the Learning Centre. Most companies that manufacture food processors will have their own website.