Market Feasibility Report

Market Feasibility Report
Assignment 1 Preliminaries ? selecting your product and market:
1. Choose one of the countries from list of developing countries as declared by the Australian
Minister for Foreign Affairs ?
2. Choose an Australian based company and ONE of their products that is NOT already actively
marketed overseas.
a. A product that makes some sense in the chosen country will make things easier for you (eg
don?t choose ski boots for a warm flat country!)
b. Having an online presence and accepting orders from overseas does not constitute actively
marketing overseas.
c. If you are not based in Australia, you may choose a company from the country you are in.
d. You are NOT to contact the company for information for this assignment.

Assignment 1 Task:
The management team at your company are exploring expanding into your chosen country and
they have asked you for a preliminary report with your evaluation of the market.
1. Provide a very brief summary of relevant facts about the organisation and product (in case
your marker is not familiar with them).
2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages (generally) of internationalising a product
(Lesson 1). Consider challenges, possible benefits etc.
3. Report on the economic environment in the country, eg the state of the economy and
whether there are any Trade Agreements that may apply (Lesson 2).
4. Analyse the socio-cultural environment in the country in relation to your product (Lesson 3).
Hint: do not provide a description of the type you would find in an encyclopaedia ? you need
to discuss aspects of the socio-cultural environment that are relevant to your product.
5. Critically evaluate all the information you have gathered and summarise the key issues
(this may be in the form of a SWOT). Pay particular attention to whether there are:
any ethical issues raised by marketing your product in this country, or
any gaps in your understanding of the country?s economic and socio-cultural
environment due to information not being available.
6. Draw conclusions for your managers as to the feasibility of marketing the product in your
chosen country based on the economic and socio-cultural environments.