Liberal Arts Study

Liberal Arts Study
Title: How does a study of the liberal arts influence my profession or expected profession?

You should draw on all the key elements that you identified in each module of this course. This includes those from Modules 10 and 11 in addition to those that you identified in the outline that was part of your assignment for Module 9.

Your paper should be 8-10 pages in APA format, excluding title page and bibliography, and should include at least one citation from each module in this class.

You should begin the paper with an explanation of the problem to be addressed and state a thesis that you will prove. You should then proceed in the paper to consider arguments for and against the position and endeavor to show the insufficiency of those counterarguments or objections to the position you have taken; i.e., you are to implement critical thinking!

While research is expected, no paper may have more than 20% quotations.
My Introduction: This essay will introduce the study of Liberal Arts and the needed components that was uncovered during the course. Understanding the concepts, terms and
theories and how to apply them in certain circumstances. Upon completion of this class, the development of theoretical, practical, and critical thinking skills will allow us to successfully enter the workforce in a specific area of study.

Module 1. Why is a Liberal Arts education an important entity in today’s society?

Module 2. How does learning a foreign language help us in competitiveness in the world?

Module 3. Why has professionalism fallen by the wayside?

Module 4. Can vocational schools adequately prepare students for the real world?

Module 5. Where has professionalism gone?

Module 6. How does our personality conform to our professional ethics?

Module 7. Why every profession should have a Code of Ethics

Module 8. Do you need critical thinking in every profession?

Module 9. The criteria of critical thinking

Module 10. Does technology hinder or help the learning process.

Module 11. How does critical thinking and ethics follow us through life?

My anticipated profession is a ethics/bioethics consultant.