Learning through traveling

Learning through traveling
The Learning Experience: Traveling. Places traveled to include:
International travels: Canada, Mexico, British Guyana, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Libya.
National travels: Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, California, New York, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey.
Goal Areas [Goals to be achieved/accomplished through the learning experience [the travel]]:
1. Goal area 1: Engaged Citizenship
2. Goal area 2: Personal Growth
3. Goal area 3: Cultural Diversity
Essay format/outline:
1. The basic page breakdown is
a. 2 page introduction
b. 3 pages devoted goal area 1
c. 3 pages devoted to goal area 2
d. 3 pages devoted to goal area 3
e. 1 page conclusion
What to include in the pages devotes to the introduction:
1. An explanation or background about how learning may take place through significant life experiences.
2. An introduction to the three goal areas and what you think they mean.
3. An overview of your experiences as they relate to the to the goal areas.
4. Any relevant information necessary to the essay.
5. Thesis statement.
What to include in the pages devotes to the various goal areas:
1. The three goal areas are:
a. Goal area #1: 3 pages—Engaged Citizenship
b. Goal area #1: 3 pages—Personal Growth
c. Goal area #1: 3 pages—Cultural Diversity

2. For EACH of the three goal areas listed above you will write three pages; in each you will include the following:
A. Learning Activity/Activities:
a. Traveling nationally and internationally [address all places listed above]
b. Include various activities one does as he travels that relate to this goal area
c. Explain the learning experiences that took place and how those that can be correlated or can enhance your goal area listed above.
d. See the bullets below for further and more exact details on what should be included in the three pages devoted to each goal area.
B. What happened to start your learning?
C. What did the experience mean?
D. What did you learn through this experience?
E. How have you (or can you) use what you learned from the experience?
F. How does your experience relate to this Goal area?
G. What documentation can/will you provide for this/these learning?
a. Letters [sent via email] from my family members with whom I traveled.
What to include in the pages devotes to the conclusion:
1. The significance of your learning experience
2. A summary of your experiences as they relate to the to the goal areas.
3. A suitable wrap-up