Is Korea is better for Australia to investment.

Is Korea is better for Australia to investment.
Collectivism vs. individualism
Democracy vs. Totalitarianism

Economic 450 words
Market economy and command economy and mixed economy
Report Overview – Working acting as the employees of a consulting company who have been hired by the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade), you are required to develop a business style report and presentation. Austrade’s mission is to help Australian companies succeed in international business by providing advice, market intelligence and support to Australian companies to reduce the costs and risk involved in selecting and developing international markets (Austrade, 2011). You have been hired by Austrade to write a report on the comparative attractiveness of two countries (of your choice) for Australian companies interested in developing their international markets. Your task is to conduct a comparative assessment of the attractiveness of your chosen countries based on a number of dimensions. The dimensions you choose to construct this assessment is in part up to you, however, they should reflect your learning related to characteristics of the political economy and country attractiveness for investment?. For example, you may utilize components from the PESTEL or other frameworks presented during this course to construct your report. In light of the limited time you have to complete this report it is recommended that each group choose only four dimensions on which to base their comparative analysis. As a research exercise, your report must provide empirical data on both countries so that you can make a reasonably robust recommendation. Ultimately, your report should provide Austrade with recommendations on which of the two countries are likely to present fewer risks and challenges to Australian companies considering international expansion. Your report should produce a rational evaluation of the business environments’ (rather than simply discussing market size or potential) so that Austrade can provide advice to firms on what to expect when conducting business in these countries.

Learning Objectives (written report) – This assessment builds on your understanding of political economy, country risk and foreign direct investment (FDI). It requires you to build on and demonstrate your understanding of how various aspects of the political economy affect country attractiveness for investment. As a research exercise this project also evaluates your ability to identify and retrieve valid information to inform your analysis. Your ability to communicate in writing with sufficient clarity to convey complex information in an international business will also be developed and evaluated through this assessment.
Advice – To conduct a comparative analysis, you must convert your raw data describing the dimensions of the political economy and use it to make a meaningful argument that explains to your customer (Austrade) the relative attractiveness and risks of the business environment of each country. The following tips for comparative writing may help
(1) Identify in your frame of reference (in this assignment your frame of reference is your analysis of the four dimensions you have selected);
(2) make sure you explain to the reader the rationale behind your choice of grounds for comparison;
(3) write your report using comparative language. For example, you can indicate the precise relationship between the two countries on a particular dimension by using the word “whereas” and you can make links between country A and B in the body of your report by using transitional expressions of comparison and contrast e.g. similarly, likewise, on the contrary, conversely, on the other hand..

Your ability to analyse your data is a primary concern of the examiners of the report (i.e. your ability to draw out the implications of the data for the reader). This can be done by consistently explaining the significance of the data presented). For example, if you present information on the political systems of your chosen countries you need to go one step further and explain/suggest/indicate whether these political systems will create distance between Australia and these countries, or whether the political systems of these countries are welcoming to foreign investment.