Introduction to Business Planning Paper

Note: To complete the above assignment please see below the CLC assigned Business Plan detail information:

CLC Business Plan: Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
You are the Information Technology (IT) project manager in a 200-bed inner-city hospital that has a 30-member primary care physician group that has one hospital-based clinic and 4 clinics dispersed throughout the local community. You have been asked by senior leadership to put together a proposal for creating the organization?s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for both the hospital and the clinics.
Important factors for consideration in your proposal include:
? Selection of the vendor for the EMR software
? Staffing for design, implementation, training, future support
? Space requirements for main equipment, desktops/workstations for doctors, nurses and other clinicians/users
? Staff training
? Physician training
? Integration with any current electronic data sources (imaging, laboratory, dictation, billing, quality software systems)
? Cultural , literacy, and language concerns
? Timelines for design, implementation, testing, training

The scenario for your CLC is presented below.
1) Your CLC will work together to write a single document.
2) The CLC Business Plan needs to be of professional quality, demonstrating a high level of thought, research, and writing skill.
3) The business plan needs to be similar in format, content, and quality to actual business plans in the health care industry.
4) The CLC Business Plan is based on a hypothetical situation. Therefore, you will need to be creative. While the information included in the plan will be contrived, make a reasonable attempt to be realistic. This will require research and imagination. Financial projections and timelines are not expected to be exact; feasible approximations are expected.
5) Designate a project manager to oversee the overall writing of the CLC Business Plan. An equitable division of tasks is the most efficient way to complete the assignment.
6) The CLC Business Plan will contain the sections and components common to typical business plan models. The specific needs of each project will determine the appropriate model to use. Whichever model you choose include:
a) Description of product or service
b) Business and industry profile
c) Marketing components
d) Financial information
e) Operational plan

Note: Virtually all business plans contain an executive summary. The executive summary for the CLC Business Plan will be included in the Individual Project Plan, which is due in Module 8. Individual CLC members will write their own executive summary of their CLC Business Plan.

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