Michelle has decided to leave the salon. Describe one problem that could be encountered when Michelle leaves and all her records are removed. 2. One table in a shop’s database can be represented as: ORDER (order number, item number, description, price, quantity). Data can be in UNF, 1NF, 2NF or 3NF. State the normal form of this data giving a reason for your answer. 3. An invoice from an Electronics shop is shown below. Supasonic Electronics Customer Invoice Customer No: Customer Address Date Item Number 555666 556789 Overall Total 1324 Customer Name John Andrews



27 High Street, Abervalley 29/04/11 Number Ordered 14 5 Price (£) Discount Discount Total (£) rate Price (£) 9·99 32·85 10% 15% 8·99 27·92 125·86 139·60 265·46

Identify one attribute that would not be included in the un-normalised form of this data, giving a reason for your answer.



Page two

Marks SECTION I (continued) 4. State two data types that could be used to include a video clip in a database. 5. State the cardinality of each of the following relationships. (a) National team and Professional footballer (b) Actor and Film 6. Define the term compound key. 7. Describe the purpose of a data dictionary. 8. State the type of organisational information system that helps managers make tactical decisions by modelling “what-if scenarios” and performing analysis on data. 9. Describe the purpose of a Data Processing System. 10. A sales person has to deliver a presentation to potential customers. State two factors that he should consider regarding presentational style. 11. State two features that you would expect to find in Project Management Software. 12. Draw a diagram of each of the following LAN topologies. (a) Ring (b) Bus 13. One criteria for evaluating software is portability. “portability”. Describe what is meant by 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 2

1 2

2 2

14. A spreadsheet package has a macro facility. Describe what is meant by the term “macro”.


[Turn over


Page three

Marks SECTION I (continued) 15. Mr Kai finds a wallet in the corridor at work. There is no identification in the wallet but there is a card with the following information: Username: JHans982 Password: 12345

Mr Kai decides to log on to a computer at work using these details in order to find out the owner of the wallet. Comment on the ethics of Mr Kai using ICT for this purpose. 2 (30)



Page four

[Turn over for SECTION II on Page six


Page five

SECTION II Attempt ALL questions in this section. 16. The usage of rooms at Buchan College is recorded in an accommodation timetable. An example for Room C17 is shown below. Room: C17 Type: General Classroom Capacity: 33 Period Start Time 1 9.00 2 10.00 10.55 K Brown 2P2 M Jones 3N6 3 11.10 12.00 4 1.25 2:20 5 2.30 3.25

Finish Time 9.55 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday K Brown 2P2 M Jones 3N6 M Jones 1N4

R Skolmowski M Jones 6K5 1N4 K Brown 2P2 J Singh 2G1

D MacGregor D MacGregor D MacGregor 1N4 4H3 3N6 M Jones 3N6 D MacGregor 3N2

Class codes are recorded in a separate list, part of which is shown below. Class 3N6 4H3 6K5 3N2 Class Size 18 22 18 20 Subject Mathematics RE Social Education Mathematics


Page six

Marks SECTION II (continued) 16. (continued) This data can be represented in un-normalised form as Room Type Capacity Period Day Start time Finish time Teacher Class Class size Subject Using Room as the primary key, transform this un-normalised data to third normal form. You must show the intermediate stages of first normal form and second normal form and identify all primary and foreign keys at each stage of normalisation. 17

[Turn over


Page seven

Marks SECTION II (continued) 17. A tool rental company keeps records of tools, rentals and customers in a relational database. The database contains the following tables. SUPPLIER (Suppliername, Address1, Address2) RENTAL (CustomerID*, ToolID*, Date, Insurance) CUSTOMER (CustomerID, Forename, Surname, Address1, Address2, Telephoneno) TOOL (ToolID, Type, Price, Suppliername*) (a) Draw an E-R diagram to represent the structure of this database. (b) It was suggested that instead of CustomerID, Telephoneno could be used as a primary key in the CUSTOMER table. Describe how this would affect the entity integrity of this table. (c) Part of the data dictionary is shown below. Entity Attribute PK FK No No No Required Unique Type Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Text Text Text Validation 6


SUPPLIER Suppliername Yes Address1 Address2 No No


CustomerID ToolID Date Insurance








State a suitable entry for each of the missing values, A, B, C and D.



Page eight

Marks SECTION II (continued) 18. A multinational company holds confidential personal data about its customers. (a) Explain the difference between security and privacy as applied to data held in a computerised information system. (b) The company’s security strategy requires employees to use passwords. (i) With reference to password guidelines evaluate the suitability of one of the following passwords. scotland tom110695 Hs%2 4 3 2

(ii) Apart from passwords, describe two data security measures that the company should introduce as part of a security strategy. The company has just purchased a new word processing package for use in one department. (c) State five criteria that the company would have used to help select the most appropriate software application. 19. The Computer Misuse Act is an example of current legislation that applies to information systems. This Act criminalises unauthorised access to, and modification of, computer files. Name and describe the purpose of three other examples of current legislation that apply to information systems.



[Turn over


Page nine

Marks SECTION II (continued) 20. Bankhill Swimming Club offers a range of weekly swimming classes for children. At the end of every ten-week block, swimming teachers complete reports that are issued to all swimmers. An example of a report is shown below.

BSCF22a Swimmer: Lewis James Class: Tadpoles Lesson: Thurs 4.15 ?pm Skill Level 3 3 2 3 1 2 1

Tadpole Assessment Points Float on back unaided Pick up objects from bottom of pool Submerge body and blow bubbles through mouth Push off wall and glide on front Kick on front with arms extended Kick on back with arms extended Demonstrate Front Crawl for 5?m

If a 1 or 2 is achieved then the swimmer needs more time to practise the skill. A 3 is a pass. Try to get along to the pool as often as possible to assist progression and water confidence. Assessment Process 1 2 3 Unable to perform skill Most elements displayed; requires improvement Performs skill to standard on a consistent basis J Buchanan

Qualified Swim Coach:

(a) Explain the difference between knowledge, information and data. example of each in this context.

Give an 6

(b) The quality of the information in this report is complete, relevant, concise and reliable. Justify this statement with reference to each of these characteristics. 4 (60) [END OF SECTION II] [X216/301] Page ten

SECTION III Attempt ONE sub-section of Section III Part A Part B Part C Applied Multimedia Expert Systems The Internet Page 12 Page 16 Page 19 Questions 21 to 24 Questions 25 to 28 Questions 29 to 32

For the sub-section chosen, attempt all questions.


Page eleven

Marks SECTION III Part A—Applied Multimedia Attempt all questions. 21. Waggy Breaks is a small business set up to offer top quality dog boarding facilities while owners are away on holiday. The facility offers luxury heated kennels and acres of securely fenced fields for dog exercise. The business wishes to create a website advertising the facilities on offer. Waggy Breaks approaches a multimedia developer to help with this project. (a) State three items found in a requirements specification and give an example of each from the paragraph of information above. (b) Explain why the requirements specification is important to both Waggy Breaks and the developer. Four pages from the newly developed website are shown below. 6 2

waggy breaks


Our luxury heated kennels provide your dog with the best accommodation possible while you are away on holiday. Comfortable padded bedding in a warm enclosure allows your dog to snooze in comfort.





Let your dog relax and unwind in the perfect countryside setting. We have acres of secluded and secure elds, a special doggy swimming pool and toys galore. Our dog groomer comes in weekly to ensure your dog is in perfect condition.

our facilities


(i) Draw a graphical representation of the navigational structure of the pages shown above. (ii) Name this type of navigational structure.

3 1


Page twelve

Marks SECTION III Part A—Applied Multimedia (continued) 21. (continued) (d) The photograph on the home page has been set to appear as a progressive display. Describe one reason why the developer might have done this. (e) The developer has been given a number of photographs of customers’ dogs. These photographs were given to Waggy Breaks by the dog owners who have also given their permission for them to be included in the website. (i) All photographs supplied are stored as JPEG files. Give one reason for choosing JPEG as a file type rather than GIF in this case. (ii) State the personnel within the multimedia development team responsible for editing photographs ready to include in the website. (iii) Object linking is one advanced feature of web authoring software. Describe how this feature could help in the maintenance of a website. (f) It is important that Waggy Breaks considers copyright legislation in order to protect the content of their new website. Describe how copyright applies to dog owners and to Waggy Breaks. 4 2 1 2 2

(g) The completed website has been uploaded and the home page can be accessed using the following URL: State whether this is an absolute or relative URL and justify your choice. 2

22. The final stages in the development of any multimedia product are testing, documentation and evaluation. (a) Name and describe two types of testing that should be carried out on a multimedia product. (b) A development team produces two types of documentation. User documentation includes the hardware/software requirements and all user instructions for the customer. (i) State one other type of documentation produced by the development team. (ii) State two items contained in this type of documentation. (c) State two criteria that are used to critically evaluate a multimedia product. [Turn over [X216/301] Page thirteen 1 2 2 4

Marks SECTION III Part A—Applied Multimedia (continued) 23. Primary 7 pupils at Morgan Primary School have been given a project task of creating a presentation about their time in primary school. Pupils were asked to create a storyboard of their project for the teacher to check before they progress. Chelsea has created a detailed storyboard for her first screen. This is shown below.

(a) Identify three additional pieces of information that Chelsea should include in her detailed storyboard. (b) The completed title slide of Chelsea’s presentation is shown below. Describe how the display of media elements in this slide could be improved by the use of: (i) kerning; (ii) anti-aliasing.


2 2


Page fourteen

Marks SECTION III Part A—Applied Multimedia (continued) 24. Dee Valley Catering College offers a range of courses for interested students. The college is in the process of developing computer based training material (CBT) as part of a Creative Cake Decorating unit. The first screen from this training material is shown below.

Dee Valley Catering College

This training material covers the basic skills required to decorate cakes with hand crafted icing flowers. The unit concentrates only on the simple rose, daisy and lily.
(a) State the category of this information in terms of its form, level and type. (b) Describe how audio and video could be used to enhance the quality of this CBT material. (c) The text “Unit 1: Creative Cake Decorating” was created using a non-standard font. Describe one possible solution to the problem of using non-standard fonts within a multimedia application. (d) State two reasons why a DVD could be a more appropriate storage medium than a CD for the college to use to distribute this material to its students. 2 2 (50) 3 2

[END OF SECTION III—PART A] [X216/301] Page fifteen [Turn over

Marks SECTION III Part B—Expert Systems Attempt all questions. 25. Mark is employed by a mining company. He is given interesting rock samples and he classifies any precious or semi-precious gemstones. Some of his notes are shown below. Specimen A B C D E F G H I Hardness 7 7 8 6 6 6 9 9 9 Specific gravity 2·85 2·6 2·9 3·35 3·35 3·35 4·1 3·9 3·9 Colour Pink Green Red Blue-violet Blue-violet Blue-violet Pink Brown Red Conclusion Beryl Beryl Beryl Tanzanite Tanzanite Tanzanite Ruby Ruby Ruby

(a) (i) Create a decision tree using one suitable attribute from “Hardness”, “Specific gravity” or “Colour” to represent whether a sample was Beryl, Tanzanite or Ruby. (ii) Derive the question that would be asked in a user consultation based on your decision tree in part (i). Mark has similar notes classifying over one hundred different types of gemstone. (b) (i) Derive three attribute-value pairs for a Tanzanite sample. (ii) Create a rule for Tanzanite. (c) Describe a difficulty with representing the data for the Beryl or Ruby samples and suggest how to deal with this difficulty. (d) The above information is shown in a table. Classify this information according to its level, form and type. (e) Mark is an expert on gemstones but he has no experience in developing an expert system. Describe his role in the stages of development of an expert system to classify gemstones.

4 2

2 4 2 3



Page sixteen

Marks SECTION III Part B—Expert Systems (continued) 26. A yacht uses an expert system to help with navigation. The user enters details of the destination. The expert system: • • • • gets data from satellite positioning and onboard instruments advises a course calculates an estimated arrival time uses position data for other vessels from their satellite systems to avoid any collisions.

Updated local weather forecasts and tides are used directly as input by the expert system. The Marine Expert Present direction Present speed Steer 15?º to starboard Distance from destination 31·4 nautical miles Arrival time is 16:45 Bearing to destination 045?º 030?º 6·2 knots

Set new destination

View map

Explain course change

Man overboard

(a) Describe the structure of the knowledge base for this expert system using examples from above. (b) Evaluate the expert system in terms of the quality of user interface. (c) The yacht is involved in a collision after the advice is faithfully followed. Explain the legal responsibility of the providers of the expert system in this case. (d) Other than a collision, give two reasons for any difference between estimated arrival time and actual arrival time. [Turn over [X216/301] Page seventeen

4 2 2 2

Marks SECTION III Part B—Expert Systems (continued) 27. (a) Consider an expert system where letters A, B and C represent facts which may or may not be true. (i) Using propositional logic, represent the rule: when A is true and not B then it follows that C is true. (ii) Using the following: • • • The rule in part (i) has a certainty factor of 80%. Fact A has a certainty factor of 60%. “Not fact B” has a certainty factor of 75%. 2 2

Calculate a certainty factor for C after firing the rule in part (i). (b) Use predicate logic to represent the following statements: (i) “Susan takes Higher English” (ii) “Alistair takes Higher Mathematics and Higher Information Systems”. 28. The development of expert systems dates back to the 1960s. They can be used to support decisions. (a) Compare an expert system with a decision support system. (b) State two characteristics of OPS5. (c) An expert system can use a forward chaining inference strategy. In a forward chaining system: (i) explain why conflict resolution is necessary; (ii) describe the purpose of the RETE algorithm; (iii) explain how the refractoriness conflict resolution strategy works.

1 2

4 2

2 2 2 (50)



Page eighteen

Marks SECTION III Part C—The Internet Attempt all questions. 29. Supasonic Electronics is developing a website to sell audio-visual electronics online. Part of one of the pages being developed is shown below together with the HTML code used to produce it. (a) State suitable entries for each of the missing values labelled A to G. 7


1. <html> 2. <head> </title> 3. <title> A 4. </head> 5. < > B 6. <h2 align=” “>MP3 Players</h2> C 7. <table border=” ” width=”100%”> D 8. <tr> 9. <td><img src=”images/mp3player 1.jpg” width=”82″ height=”80″></td> 10. <td>Samsonic XK112. £59.99 – <span style=” -family:Arial”> E for this month only.</span></td> 11. </tr> 12. <tr> =”mp3/3 image missing” src=”images/mp3player3. 13. <td><img F jpg”></td> 14. <td>Kleersound 4 – £49 while stocks last </td> 15. </tr> 16. < > G 17. </body> 18. </html> 2

(b) Line 10 makes use of the <span> tag. Explain how this differs from the <div> tag.

[Turn over [X216/301] Page nineteen

Marks SECTION III Part C—The Internet (continued) 29. (continued) (c) Part of the HTML code for the homepage is as follows: 26. 27. 28. 29. Supasonic Electronics now selling direct to you <br/> at incredible prices which will amaze everyone. <p>Full money-back guarantee.</p> 3 3

Sketch the output which would be produced by this code.

(d) Describe one way in which the role of the W3C is similar to that of the IETF and one way in which it is different from the IETF. 30. The screenshot below shows part of a website which has mobile phones for sale.

(a) Evaluate this web resource with reference to bias and credibility. (b) The web page was created using a web authoring package. (i) The package used to create the page is advertised as having the capability to upload pages. Explain how this capability may save time in the development of a website. (ii) Other than the ability to upload web pages, give one advantage and one disadvantage of using the web authoring package compared to writing HTML code. [X216/301] Page twenty




Marks SECTION III Part C—The Internet (continued) 30. (continued) (c) Give one reason why the web page in the screenshot on Page twenty could be described as a dynamic web page. (d) Categorise the information shown on the web page on Page twenty according to its form, level and type. (e) Companies such as Fabulous Fones make use of site usage tracking software to collect information. (i) State two types of information which might be collected by Fabulous Fones and describe how this information could be used to make changes to the website. (ii) Describe any privacy issues relating to the collection of information with site usage tracking software. 31. Robin works in Liverpool and Yasmin works in Singapore. From time to time they have to exchange information regarding company finances. To do this they make use of secure e-mail. 2 3

4 2

(a) Describe the use made of public and private keys when Robin sends Yasmin a secure e-mail message.


[Turn over for Question 31(b) and Question 32 on Page twenty-two


Page twenty-one

Marks SECTION III Part C—The Internet (continued) 31. (continued) (b) Transmitting of e-mail across the Internet will make use of packet switching and routing tables. (i) State four pieces of data which would be included in a data packet. (ii) Describe one advantage in using packet switching for the transmission of data. (iii) State two pieces of data stored in a routing table. 32. (a) State two reasons why there is a need for policing of the Internet. (b) Describe one possible ethical implication of policing the Internet. 4 2 2 2 2 (50)