Identify ergonomic issues for practising sonographers and ways to prevent sonographer musculoskeletal injury.

Identify ergonomic issues for practising sonographers and ways to prevent sonographer musculoskeletal injury.
First Stage: Assessment Detail – Referncing
Using the CQUniversity Library Databases, locate authoritative resources related to your chosen topic from the following six (6) sources:

a peer-reviewed journal article of original research (3)
a peer-reviewed literature review paper (2)
one credible website (1) or
one published report from an authoritative sources (eg. government, peak industry body) (1)
c) For each of the six resources, you will:

supply a reference list using the correct referencing format (Paramedic Science, Oral Health and Exercise and Sport Science students use American Psychological Association [APA] and Sonographer, Chiropractic and Medical Science students use Harvard)
Clearly outline your search strategy including key words and limits.
d) Submit your assignment as a Word file (.doc or .docx)
Second stage:
Assessment Detail for Proposed Report Structure

Instructions: Use the template below (and in Word format in this Moodle block) as a model to make notes to help you plan your final report on the chosen topic. Make notes (eg Heading 1 might be Introduction, Heading 2 might be Benefits of resistance training for older adults and sub-heading 1 might be Increases in muscle mass and paragraph 1 might be Evidence that resistance training in older adults increases muscle mass, paragraph 2 might be Benefits of increased muscle mass on activities of daily living, and paragraph 3 might be Increases in basal metabolic rate.

Simply add more headings or sub-headings by right clicking on your mouse and adding more cells in your table if needed.

Critically, add notes that will help write the final report. Notes might include some key resources you have found from the first piece of assessment, a quote, a key reference you want to use, any ideas you have that will help YOU plan and then write your final report.


Write three (3) connected paragraphs using the tips and suggestions given in class and your textbook(s).You need to:

1) demonstrate skill in paraphrasing (indirect referencing because you are using information from books, peer-reviewed research papers, authoritative websites, official reports etc without taking the information from these sources word-for-word – that’s plagiarising and a big no-no!!
2) demonstrate no evidence of plagiarism
3) demonstrate skill in use of direct quotes and referencing them
4) demonstrate skill in referencing using the Harvard or APA conventions both in-text and in the reference list
5) demonstrate skill in using topic and concluding sentences
6) demonstrate skill in developing an argument
7) demonstrate skill in linking paragraphs and sentences so there is a logical flow of ideas
8) demonstrate the use formal, objective, clear and concise language in the paragraphs
9) demonstrate correct sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling