Human resources functions

Human resources functions
1. Describe how human resources functions are handled at your place of employment. If you’re not currently employed, research a company you’d like to work for and describe that company’s HR services. What HR services have you used? Are you aware of the services HR provides?

2. Read the article, Diversity Best Practices Built to Last. Imagine that you’re chairing a committee to plan an event for your place of work to help bring more awareness of diversity. (If you’re not currently employed, plan an event for your family.) Describe in two or three paragraphs your idea, and the activities you plan for the event. Describe in two or three paragraphs how you will promote the event. After the event, how will you determine if your place of work (or family) is more aware of diversity?
3.Complete the Job Analysis sheet for your current position or a position that you would like to have.
Identify a training need in your place of employment or within your community. How did you determine training was needed?

Describe how you would conduct the training. Where would you conduct the training? What equipment would you need?

How would you determine if the training was effective? What tools or methods would you use?

SUMMARY – Provide a one sentence summary of your position.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS – Identify at least 5 essential functions of your position
MARGINAL FUNCTIONS – Identify at least 2 marginal functions of your position
MENTAL TASKS – What is required for your position?
PHYSICAL TASKS – What is required for your position?

METHODS, TECHNIQUES, PROCEDURES – What special skills do you need?

EQUIPMENT, AIDS, TOOLS, MATERIALS – What equipment or tools do you need to operate?

WORKING CONDITIONS – What is the work environment like for this job?

CONTROL SUPERVISION – Any supervising responsibilities?

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS – What skills, knowledge, abilities, and experience are needed to do the job?