Group dynamics

Group dynamics
You are required to compile a Leader’s Guidebook in an electronic format, which should contain – guidance a ‘young teacher’ could use in planning, organising and leading young people on forest walk with lakeside picnic. (1,500 words in length and worth 30% of the module grade) Covering outcomes 2 and the rest of 3:
2: Evaluation of group dynamics, risk assessment and emergencies in the outdoors. 3: Appreciation of principles of delivery and safety management.
The electronic guidebook should begin with an introduction giving an overview of key issues in group leadership and management. Subsequent sections will go into more detail to explore what you have identified as key issues in your intro. The guide should draw on theory and best practice and have a strong focus on safety and preparation for activities. You may be able to carry forward ideas from the Element 1 essay. The guide should be user friendly guide for those in charge of groups on land based activities in general, but applicable in varied outdoor settings. Some creativity is expected to make an attractive guide. Sources of further guidance can be included as a reference section or given on each ‘page’
Marking grid Weightings Univ L5 skills guidance
User friendliness, creativity and ease of reading 20% Select and use ICT applications and strategies
as appropriate for guided purposes and tasks A creatively presented guide which looks attractive, but is very informative
Quality and accuracy of advice given 20% Make and justify decisions about specified and varied situations. Advice must be from the best authoritative sources for land based activities and close to water ones.
Flexibility of principles described to suit varied situations 20% Demonstrates the ability to identify and respond to inter-relationships between topics and explain them in relation to a complex situation The guidance must fit a range of situations i.e. be generic but observe differences too
Balance of material and fluency of explanations 20% Accurately, clearly and appropriately communicate information, attitudes and ideas Intro main text and conclusions are balanced & proportional
Quality of references and sources included 20% Reference a range of different types of sources accurately in line with guidance provided. Cited in Harvard style further guidance needs to highlight key organisations
Care should be taken with the CD format and students are reminded to check their undergraduate and study skills handbooks for assessment guidance and indicators at each level and classification. Students are reminded to check their module handbook for learning outcomes and additional guidance which may help.