Functions of an organisation

Functions of an organisation
a. Who your organisation is set up to

benefit. (PB1 part 5)

b. How your organisation’s purpose is

beneficial. (PB1 part 3)

c. Whether any detriment or harm might

result from your organisation’s purpose.

If so, describe this and explain how

this will impact on the public and the

people you benefit. (PB1 part 4)

d. Who will benefit personally from your

organisation’s purpose? Describe who

will benefit and how (PB1 part 6). Any

personal benefits to trustees should be

detailed in the trustee details section

and any personal benefits to others in

the personal benefit section.

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Carrying out your charity’s purpose for

the public benefit Help Section

Assessing how the organisation’s

trustees will carry out the purposes for

the public benefit. Charity trustees are

required to operate their charity in

accordance with the law and their

charity’s purposes and that is explained

in our guidance Public benefit: running

a charity (PB2).To help us make our

assessment please explain for each of

your organisation’s purposes:
a. How will the trustees carry out the

purpose? (PB2 parts 2, 3 and 5)

b. In carrying out the purpose, how will

the trustees manage risks of harm to the

public/beneficiaries? (PB2 part 4)

c. In carrying out the purpose, how will

the trustees make decisions about who

can benefit? (PB2 part 5)

d. In carrying out the purpose, how will

the trustees ensure that personal

benefits are no more than incidental?

(PB2 part 6)

e. If the organisation has a membership,

how will the trustees ensure that this

is a suitable way of carrying out the

purpose for the public benefit? (PB2

Annex A)

f. If the organisation will restrict

physical access to its facilities,

please explain how this helps to carry

out the purpose for the public benefit

and how the amount of access is

appropriate. (PB2 Annex B)

g. If the organisation charges for its

services and facilities, specify what

these are and why the charges are made.

If the trustees consider the

organisation’s charges are more than the

poor can afford, please explain what

provision the organisation will make for

the poor to benefit and how the trustees

will ensure that the level of provision

for the poor is more than minimal. (PB2

Annex C)

Links to our guidance on these questions

can be accessed through the ‘i’ icon



a Does anyone or any organisation

receive a personal benefit from a

connection with your organisation? Yes

No Mandatory symbol
(Yes )
please explain who gains and how in the



b How will the award of the benefit

contribute to the organisation achieving

its purpose(s)?


c How will the other trustees manage the

conflict of interest that arises from

the personal benefit?