Film Analysis

Film Analysis


Prompt: Is masculinity changing today? Answer this question by examining the role of the hero in two films. True Grit (1969) and True Grit (2010) for your analysis.

Requirements:you will be expected to develop your ideas through re-viewing the films, selecting specific scenes, conducting shot-by-shot analysis, and developing a focused thesis. You must use specific course terms and concepts relevant to your thesis in order to develop your essays. Please cite (author, page number) whenever applicable. You do not need a “works cited” page unless you use outside sources. Outside sources are not recommended as they sometimes take away from your own analysis. Each essay should be 3-4 pages in length, typed and double-spaced.

1.the thesis can be based on the film in general, or specific
characters. I listed the shot by shot analysis because I want you to think
in terms of details. Some essays may be using formal analysis to develop
larger essays. It’s not a requirement. But be certain to use specific
answers and know good analysis comes out of looking at the details. No, you
do not need to attach a shot by shot analysis.

2. you should use specific scenes/examples to develop your analyses on
all the questions. Don’t just talk in general terms or tell us what you
believe. Show us your thesis through analyzing specifics in the films.

3.You should develop a thesis for your essays. The more detailed your
thesis, the better your essay will be. Don’t just talk in generalities, but
develop your critical analysis of the films.

1.develop the analysis based the theories we have learnt.
2.Look deeper and specific.
3.Look through scenes in each film and find similarities
4.Going deeper to find evidence.
5.Thesis is extremely important.
6.Transfer last paragraph into the introductory paragraph.
7.Shoe concept through the analysis through the scenes instead of telling about the meanings.
8.Assume grader has seen the movie.
9.Develop thesis based on few deeply analysed scenes rather than fill up the essay with too many examples.
10.On each example, only focus on what is related to the thesis.
11.Cite readings based on the second half of the quarter.
More interpretation rather than cinematic languages.

Course material:Looking at Movies fourth edition