End User System “For your teeth our smile”

End User System “For your teeth our smile”


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A local cosmetic dentist ‘Your Teeth our Smile’, specialises in the treatment of tooth alignment and repair, Hollywood veneers and denture creation or replacement plus general cosmetic repair.

The dental hospital has ten dental surgeries and one operating theatre. Each surgery is identified by its room number. All patients admitted to the hospital are assigned to a particular room. However during their treatment, which can last up to 12 hours they may be transferred to different rooms. If a general anaesthetic is required use is made of the operating theatre and patients must stay over night in one of the four private rooms available.

Patients are admitted for treatment which may involve several procedures. Treatment may require general surgery, in which case and operation is scheduled.

Patients are referred to the hospital from their NHS / private dentist. They are then diagnosed, and arrangements are made for future admission. Patients are sent notification of scheduled admissions one week in advance.

The hospital calls all patients back for a check up one month after they have been finished their treatment.

Due to the various factors such a prompt and friendly service and much media coverage of this new facility the hospital are gaining an ever-increasing customer base. To maintain their level of service, the hospital has decided that fast information retrieval and processing is a must.

They realise it is time to computerise. Currently they are booking appointments using a hand written and over full diary. They are writing out invoices, by hand, on pre-printing stationary generated in MS-Word. Initially they would like to use a system that would automatically update a schedule for each room and the operating theatre and print out customer invoices and then record relevant information in a simplistic invoice list database, thus keeping a record of the income generated from patient appointments.

Additional information

After you initial investigation the following user requirement were highlighted: –

They would like to be able to select appointment times from a standard list of rooms and available time slots and for this information to be placed onto an appointment cards containing patient details. (For this example assume the booking will only record for one month at a time)

The user would like a system that would provide them with a designed invoice that they could view on screen and print out once a patient has completed their treatment.

When all relevant information has been placed onto the onscreen invoice they would like to be able to print this out for customers.

Once the invoice has been successfully printed they would like the system to proved a facility to abstract relevant information from the on screen invoice and place it in the invoice details database. Once information has been extracted the on screen invoice can be cleared ready for the next set of information.





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Summary of Design and Development tasks
You have used the above scenario and implemented a solution for ‘Your Teeth our Smile’ using MS-Excel as a development platform. As part of your investigation into suitable platform for End User Development you must now build a solution to the above using MS-Access as your main development platform. You may wish to call upon other programs within the Ms-Office suite (e.g. Ms-Excel, Ms-Word) to add functionality to the overall system.


From the given scenario to develop the system you should complete the following tasks: –
• Design a system using MS-Access (and other Ms-office applications if required) that will perform the procedures as requested by the user.
• Provide facilities that will automate the user activities.
• Provide facilities that will allow the user to print out any part of the system automatically.
• Provide a brief user guide to your system
• Provide a user-friendly system.

Task Part 2)

Critically appraise the two systems that you have developed and comment on the advantages and disadvantages of using each end user development environment.

(1500 word)

Please hand in the following: –

1. A disk containing the system ( suitable labelled and safely attached to your assignment solution)

2. A report of the system you have designed including hard copy printouts of your workbook. (suitably bound)

3. A report for part 2

4. Evidence of system testing.

5. A user guides.