Emergency Plan for Ashford University Iowa Campus

Emergency Plan for Ashford University Iowa Campus

Final Paper

Subject is Homeland Security

Understanding the intricacies and challenges of emergency planning is not possible without actually undertaking the preparation of an emergency plan. During this summative assignment, students will develop a comprehensive plan for our school, Ashford University’s campus based in Clinton, Iowa. Clinton, Iowa resides in mid-western portion of the United States. This area is known for its high incidences of strong storms, which produce violent tornadoes, and flooding that is a constant danger to local residents and students of Ashford’s main campus.

Students are to develop a comprehensive emergency plan in preparation for a natural disaster (tornado, flooding, strong storms) at Ashford University’s main campus in Clinton, Iowa. The plan should be written in order to prepare the campus for the event of a tornado and what the response for such an event occurring.
The complete assignment should be between eight to ten pages in length and be in the format of an emergency plan consistent with examples provided in the course and the textbook. Ensure that you refer to Chapter 7 of the textbook, “The Content and Format of Emergency Plans.”
This emergency plan must include the following elements and/or answer the following questions:
• Who is the authority for the emergency plan at Ashford University?
• What is the purpose of the plan?
• What are the procedures for activation and termination of the emergency plan?
• What assumptions can you make about the likelihood of the plan being initiated? What preparation and response resources are available to be included in the plan?
• Concept of Operations for your emergency response to a tornado.
• Determine what, if any, additional annexes need to be created to support your emergency plan.
• What partner agencies, municipalities, etc. must you have agreements with in order to execute your emergency plan?
• What training and exercises must be developed and executed to prepare the campus for the emergency plan?
• Who has administrative and other leadership responsibilities for development and execution of your plan?
• Create additional plan annexes and supporting analyses to include:
o Communications backup plan
o Tornado warning procedures and mechanisms
o Emergency public information
o Evacuation procedures
o Mass care for injured
In your research for this emergency plan, be sure to use resources available via the Internet to substantiate your analysis and planning. These include the Ashford University information page, campus map, emergency section and existing Ashford University policies. Link to some of these web locations are as follows:
• Ashford University Info
• Ashford University – Emergency Assistance
• Ashford University – Campus Map
Students must use at least five sources other than the course textbook when developing their research and analysis. Included in the recommended materials for this course are several resources that can substantiate your plan and analysis. Some of these are:
• Continuity of Government & Continuity of Operations. (2003). Emergency planning guidance for a consolidated approach. Retrieved May 6, 2010 from https://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/reference/rfp/documents/disasteratta.pdf
• Department of Public Safety. (1996). Model town emergency operations plan. Waterbury, Vermont. Retrieved May 6, 2010, from https://www.dps.state.vt.us/vem/MODEL.pdf
• U.S. Department of Homeland Security. State and local government continuity of operations planning: Training, tests,and exercises. Retrieved May 6, 2010, from https://www.LLIS.gov
Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.
Course textbook:
Perry, R, W., & M. K. Lindell. (2007) Emergency planning. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.