Dissertation Proposal and Dissertations

The topic for the proposal or dissertation must be carefully chosen. It should be a wide topic where getting material facts is not a problem. The first chapter is the introduction. The problem to be discussed in described. The second chapter is the literature review. All the relevant sources of information on the topic are reviewed. The writer uses this information to support his own ideas and concepts on the topic. The third chapter is the methodology. The survey and data collection methods used by the writer are described here in detail. The writer also indicates any other data that have been relied upon mainly from other works by previous researchers. The other chapter is on the research findings and conclusions. All the findings from the research conducted are discussed and conclusions drawn. The other chapter is on the discussion and recommendations. The recommendations are based on the conclusions drawn on the study. The writer normally indicates the problems he encountered that could have influenced the research findings and proposes the way forward. Most of the areas he experienced difficulties are listed so that any future researcher working on the topic is informed. It also guides those who may be relying on his work for their studies. This can guide future studies on the topic.


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