Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu
Study the information below. The following dinner menu has been prepared for an awards ceremony being held in August 2011. The number expected to attend is 60 and the food cost for the dinner will be £6·00 per person.

Dinner Menu

A wild mushroom risotto with parmesan crisps *****

Smoked salmon ravioli with braised fennel and an orange scented tomato sauce *****

Red wine braised beef with anna potatoes and glazed vegetables *****

Poached pear served with vanilla panna cotta and a cinnamon syrup *****

Liqueur coffee


Page two

Marks Attempt ALL questions. (based on the dinner menu on Page two) 1. (a) Identify three principles of menu planning and explain how each influences the choice of dishes on the dinner menu. (b) Calculate the cost of the wild mushroom risotto using the information from the chart below. (i) Give food costings for four portions for each ingredient. (ii) Give a total cost for sixty portions. 4 1


Wild Mushroom Risotto Ingredients list for four portions 100 g 90 g 50 g 100 g 50 g 500 ml 200 ml 25 g arborio rice red peppers onion wild mushrooms butter white stock white wine parmesan cheese £2.00 £1.00 £0.60 £7.00 £4.00 £0.50 £4.00 £2.00 Food cost per 500 g per kilogram per kilogram per kilogram per kilogram per 250 ml per litre per 500 g

(c) The food cost for the menu is £6.00 per person. Calculate the selling price per head to achieve a gross profit of 75%. You must show the formula and clear calculations. 2 (13)

[Turn over for Questions 2 and 3 on Page four


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Marks 2. (a) Give four quality points for each of the following food items. (i) Topside of beef (ii) Wild mushrooms (iii) Fresh pears (b) State two storage requirements for each of the following fresh commodities used on the menu. (i) Smoked salmon (ii) Topside of beef (iii) Double cream (iv) Fresh pears (c) Describe, in a detailed recipe style, the preparation and cooking of the following dish, listing all ingredients. (You are not required to give ingredient weights/measurements or service/ presentation details.) Poached pear served with vanilla panna cotta and a cinnamon syrup (d) State the correct holding requirement and temperature for each of the following products from the menu. (i) Parmesan crisps (ii) Red wine braised beef (iii) Vanilla panna cotta 3 (23) 3. (a) Identify and describe four conditions for bacterial growth. (b) Give two sources of the bacterium Bacillus Cereus. (c) Explain the difference between a detergent and a disinfectant. (d) Give an example of a food safety management system. (e) Give three control measures for the delivery of food items when related to a food safety management system. (f) Give three reasons why an Environmental Health Officer may inspect premises. 4 2 1 1 3 3 (14) 10 4 6