Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu
The following dinner menu has been prepared for a local hotelier’s convention being held in August 2009. The number expected to attend is 60 and the cost for the dinner will be £6.00 per person.

Dinner Menu

Baked savoury cheese and chive soufflé *****

Curried parsnip and ginger soup *****

Pan seared supreme of salmon set on fresh pasta ribbons with a lime and coriander salsa *****

A fresh strawberry bavarois with a berry coulis *****

Liqueur coffee


Page two

Marks Attempt ALL questions. 1. (a) Identify three principles of menu planning and explain how each influences the choice of dishes on the dinner menu. (b) Calculate the cost of the Curried parsnip and ginger soup for 60 portions, using the information from the chart below. You must show the food costing for each ingredient and a total cost for the 60 portions. Curried parsnip and ginger soup Ingredients list for 4 portions 100 g 90 g 50 g 100 g 200 g 50 g 1 litre 10 ml margarine plain flour leeks onion parsnips root ginger white stock cream 90p £1.00 30p 60p £1.00 £2.00 £1.50 50p Food cost per 500 g per kilogram per 250 g per 250 g per kilogram per kilogram per 250 ml per 100 ml



(c) The food cost for the meal is £6.00 per person. Calculate the selling price of the meal, to achieve a gross profit of 75%. You must show clear calculations and formula. 2 (12) 2. (a) In a recipe style, describe in detail the method of preparation and cooking of the following dishes. (i) (ii) Fresh strawberry bavarois Curried parsnip and ginger soup 4 6

(b) Detail a possible presentation of each dish from the dinner menu. (Clearly labelled drawings may be used.) 4 (14)

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Page three

Marks 3. Identify the holding requirements for each of the above dishes giving specific temperatures. 2 (2) 4. (a) Give two storage requirements for raw fresh salmon. (b) Give two quality points for each of the following food items. (i) (ii) (iii) Fresh pasta shapes Fresh white chicken stock Fresh root ginger 6 (8) 5. (a) Identify four of the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. (b) Relate two of the principles to the production of the salmon dish from the dinner menu. (c) Explain the term food spoilage. (d) List three types of food contamination and give an example of each. 2