Crime in Mediated Societies Presentation

Crime in Mediated Societies Presentation

• a brief overview of the topic – including what aspect of the topic is of interest to media studies academics. You will need to read around the topic a bit to determine exactly what this is, do not simply repeat what was covered in the lecture.
• an examination/ synopsis of the main arguments / findings of two peer reviewed journal articles or book chapters related to the topic.

your presentation need only last for 10 minutes (8 minutes or so of talking, then 2 minutes to answer questions).

You may wish to make a handout consisting of your main points, also a bibliography – particularly of the 2 journals you decide to use – and any examples/illustrations.

And try to base your ideas around a media topic or debate. The last couple of lectures have been quite ‘cultural theory’ based. But, hopefully, the hegemony lecture for instance, in taking the Skinhead movement as an example, illustrated how a youth subculture becomes both the material for media output and then, in turn, the subject of media analysis, raising questions about who has control over representations…

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