Conversion and re-use of the Stables

Conversion and re-use of the Stables

Sustainable Construction – Assignment 1- The Avallenau Centre. A sustainable proposal for conversion and re-use of the Stables, Avallenau House.

The College require a new facility from which to run their horticultural and equestrian courses. You have been engaged to look at a sustainable proposal for the ruined stables at Avallenau House. the site is conveniently located, very near to the main campus and thus lends itself to use as a small satellite campus.

The ruined building was designed originally as a stable block and there is a large area of level ground to the rear of the main house included in the site curtilage, which can be used for equestrian classes, and horticultural gardens.

The site is sheltered and located within a 10 minute walk of the main campus, however there is limited access as the existing access drive passes the front portico of the main house. Avallenau House is now converted to business use, providing serviced offices for local businesses. The buildings and setting are listed Grade II.

Prepare a concept design proposal for a new Campus- the Avallenau Centre . The scheme need not go into comprehensive architectural detail but should clearly convey your ideas for
• Transport links with the existing campus.
• Managing vehicle access and parking.
• converting and/ or re-using the Stables
• providing new accommodation to meet the brief for the Centre
• proposing appropriate design solutions which maximise the site potential and minimise the visual impact of car parking within the existing grounds.

Explain in an illustrated report, with accompanying drawings, how you meet the client’s requirements in the brief and incorporate sustainable construction in the choice of materials, and proposed construction of your scheme.

Your report should consider the following:
• The visual impact and amenity of new interventions in the country house setting
• Conservation and appropriate re-use of historic fabric
• Reuse/ recycling of materials
• Opportunities for greening and local energy-generation on site.
Your report should be illustrated with drawings details/manufacturers’ data as appropriate.