company law

company law


1.Describe the effect of the Salomon v Salomon & Co Ltd [1897] AC 22 HL decision in later cases and examine the extent to which the courts are able to lift the

corporate veil on judicial grounds. Would the adoption of a test of ‘genuine ultimate purpose’ improve the case law on lifting the veil?
For essay question start with and the same thing for the problem question :
1) Statute ( limited liability act 1856 s 2) , then company law act 2006 s3(1) , s7(2).
2) Salomon v Salomon & Co [1897]. As a test. Just use the held of the case and the reason of the case don?t use the fact .
3) the application of Salomon case which is Macaura v Northern Assurance Co Ltd [1925] AC 619 and Lee (Catherine) v. Lee’s Air Farming Ltd.,(1961)
4) start lifting the veil with the common law exception 1) sham situation and use Jones v Lipman. [1962] and Trustor AB v Smallbone (No 2) [2001]
5) Re Bugle Press Ltd; ChD 1961
6)Then group exception and use case of DHN Food Distributors Ltd. V. Tower Hamlets London [1976] and Woolfson -v- Strathclyde Regional council [1978] and Adams -v-

Cape Industries plc; CA[ 1990] and Ord v Belhaven Pubs Ltd [1998] and Connelly v RTZ Corporation plc
7)Then the agency exception : use case of Adams -v- Cape Industries plc; CA[ 1990] Creasey v. Breachwood Motors Ltd[1992]
8)Then use the supreme court case VTB Capital Plc v Nutritek International Corp & Ors [2013] and Prest v Petrodel Resources Ltd[2013]
9)Companies Act 2006: ss.761,762,767 (plc certificate to commence trade)
10)s.399, s403 (group accounts must be prepared)
11)Then the statutory exception which is in fraudulent trading S213 of insolvency act 1986, and use case of Re Augustus Barnett & Son Ltd[1989]
12) Then the second statutory exception which is wrongful trading S214 of insolvency act 1986 and use case Re Produce Marketing Consortium Ltd (No 2)[1989] and use

Judgment of Knox .
13)Then bout the differences between the fraudulent trading and the wrongful trading
14)The contravening disqualification order : S15 company directors disqualification act 1986
15)Finally the conclusion .