Civics and Citizenship and Global Education

Civics and Citizenship and Global Education

Paper instructions:
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This assignment is in two parts. Part A is an essay based on a topic covered in Module A of this unit.
Part B requires you to design a teaching plan to show how you would teach students at your school about a topic selected from Module A.
Present the assignment in two parts, clearly labelled Part A and Part B (Font size 12 and double spacing).

Assignment Task
Part A: (1000 words)
Essay on Perspectives, Civics and Citizenship and Global Education
1. Choose ONE topic from the list below selected from Module A of the Global Education area.

List of Topics:

Interdependence and globalisation
Identity and cultural diversity
Social justice and human rights
Peace building and conflict resolution
Sustainable futures

2. Discuss how this topic can be viewed from TWO of the perspectives listed below and explain how this could impact on teaching society and environment subjects in secondary schools

List of Perspectives:

Perspectives in Conflict Resolution
Indigenous Australian Perspectives
Gender Perspectives
Multicultural Perspectives
Socio-economic Perspectives
Religious Perspectives

3. Support your views by making reference to relevant readings (Use correct APA referencing style).

NOTE: You might want to think about what a classroom could look like, sound like and feel like if you adopted each of these perspectives. The Y-chart tool, found in this section of the unit, offers a quick way of thinking through the implications of taking on a particular perspective.


Part B: (500 words) Teaching Plan for a topic selected from Perspectives, Civics and Citizenship and Global Education

1. Choose a Society and Environment syllabus relevant to Years 7 – 10 for a subject that you intend to become qualified to teach. Name the syllabus.

2. Select and state a section of the content area from the chosen syllabus that will allow you to address one topic identified from Module A.

3. State the relevant syllabus outcomes that are linked to the issue you have identified above.

4. Design a teaching plan for ONE lesson taking about one hour (60 minutes) to show how you would teach about this topic to a class at your school. Use the template (student activity doc) to:

Describe the activities: This should give enough information on what students will do.

List the resources, giving an exact reference where appropriate. Briefly outline how this resource will support the activity.

List the specific concepts and/or skills that the students will learn from these activities.