Case Literature Review

Case Literature Review
1. With the quantitative research questions below use it here to guide your Literature Review.

Does the sufficient provision of school equipment and supplies in classrooms improve the performance of students?

2. Peruse the literature; select 4 or 5 articles that relate to your research question; and read with a purpose to identify gaps in information or ambiguities that help to clarify and justify your research question.

3. Based on your review of the literature, discuss the following items in your Case assignment paper:

Show why your research question (in original format or revised) needs to be answered (for example, does it address controversies or debates, or fill a gap, found in the literature?)

Describe the theories that support your research question (for example, are there any theoretical models that need to be tested empirically as suggested by your research question?)

Identify the best methodology to conduct a study to answer your research question (please explain your response)

Describe how answering your research question (with completion of prospective study) would add to the research already completed.

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