Capstone Paper General Studies

Capstone Paper General Studies

• Summary- (Always required) What are the main points of the research? What topics are covered?

• Assessment- Is the source useful? Reliable? How does it compare to other sources in the bibliography? Is it fact, opinion or propaganda? What is the goal of the article (or book, website, etc.)? Use D.A.T.A (date, author, type, analysis) to evaluate the source.

• Reflection- How does this resource fit into your research? How does it help shape your argument?
Task Two:

Please construct a literature review for the body/text of the paper that explains each focus group using the source bibliographies. *this will be utilized for the body of the paper*
Task Three:

Please construct/write an “Introduction” and a “Summary and Conclusions” section to the paper that identifies any connections between the focus groups.

*The reference section for the paper will be the peer reviewed articles used for the annotated bibliographies*

Grading Rubric for Reference

1. Know: The Introduction states what is already known and we have yet to discover. The reader should believe she or he knows status of the present knowledge, knows a reason why future exploration and growth is needed, and where this knowledge may be projected to logically follow in the future. It states what is lacking in the research, and how this paper will fill that gap.

2. Access: The Literature Review demonstrates the extent to which the topic has been investigated. The reader should believe they have a complete background or history of the topic through not only an adequate number of sources, but a variety of sources that includes a balance of supporting arguments and criticisms of particular viewpoints.

3. Evaluate: The Discussion and Analysis section crystallizes differing viewpoints and provides a quality critique of each research point.

4. Use: The Summary/Conclusion demonstrates that an organized plan was in place that articulated a thesis statement or research question, an answer to that question, and why the paper constitutes a viable contribution to the overall literature.