business and sustainability

business and sustainability


project outline:
There is plenty of work which needs to be done as we work to develop more sustainable lives and a more sustainably-oriented society. Pick a topic which you want to address and do something about it. This could be something you would like changed in your town, neighborhood, on or around campus, your place of work, the building you live, etc. This project involves working directly to create actionable and measureable change. You do not have to be successful, but you do need to thoughtfully attempt your intended change.
Your report will consist of:

Background analysis: Both broad background and specific analysis behind the particular change

Detailed analysis of the focus of change: In-depth analysis of the intended change, leverage points, triggers for and inhibitors of focal change

Implementation plan: Plan for creating change, including timeline and tasks for implementing change, clear objectives of action and well-defined measures of success

Outcome of your efforts: Track and document your progress in creating change

Debrief summary: Summary and feedback on your efforts

Some pointers for ?Taking Action?
Experiment with engaging a wide variety of organizations for guidance, support, and leverage in supporting your change
Experiment with engaging the community (writ large) for support and leverage

Fully document your activities/strategies properly. Some ideas – pictures, video footage (though not too long), correspondence with relevant people and organizations

Engage campus and local press to advise them of your project and gain additional support. Exposure increases awareness and your chances of effecting change. And, the press loves to hear good things that business school students are doing

If you run into problems during your project, contact me ASAP so we can iron them out. Don?t wait until it?s too late.
Summary of the project:
Hampton Creek Foods Project Group
Option 4:Take Action
Hampton Creek Foods focuses on finding new ways of utilizing plants based on ingredients that mimic the features of eggs. It is called "Beyond Eggs" and it replaces each and every function of the non-sustainable egg by binding certain ingredients together. They have examined more than 1500 types of plants to find the molecular characteristics similar to eggs. Thereby extracting the molecules needed to replicate the functionalities. For now, three products have been launched: one, being a fully plant based mayonnaise, second one is a cookie dough for baking and the third one is a liquid mixture for creating omelets and scrambled eggs. They advise at this step to include their products in mixtures as they still have a plant based after taste. For instance, for baked goods, we should use mixtures that need eggs in sandwiches or burritos that will hide the plant based after taste but while still providing every natural benefit of protein and still being cholesterol free. There are a few advantages by using this formula. First, the product tastes actually really good, slightly different from the real taste of eggs but differently good. Second, this product is healthier; indeed, this product is cholesterol-free. Also, from an environmental view, chickens require massive amount of water, food and release a large amount of greenhouse into the air. Also, "chickens are arguably the most abused animals on the planet. In the United States, more than 7 billion chickens are killed for their flesh each year, and 452 million hens are used for their eggs". Finally, from an economical view, since the cooped up chickens are on the raise, switching over will save up 10% money.
To sum up, eggs are an unsustainable and unhealthy food products, for our population expansion and we need to convert it to a more sustainable product. Our goal is to bring this product to Montreal. This idea aims to reduce consumption of chicken and GM food (eggs). We won’t be selling it to big stores or supermarkets, since the product isn’t known enough in Montreal and it is not profitable to market it in this manner. So, we have decided to do business with a local bakery, or a restaurant and to convince them to use our product instead of regular eggs. They will benefit by a good sustainable advertisement, lower cost, improve the health of people and an overall satisfaction of their customers.

Peta for ethical treatment of animals, Chicken used for food
Here is the we submitted to the prof, it should help you to know the vision of the project:
SUBJECT: Sustainability Project Viable Egg Replacement

Current research indicates that despite recent developments in technology greatly
reducing the environmental impact of egg production, the pervasiveness of egg use in the food industry coupled with an increasing human population suggests that
a more sustainable alternative is required to prevent the inevitable of pandemic.
The purpose of the Take Action Sustainability Project is to target a local chain of
reception halls, and provide a less harmful alternative. The alternative offered by
this project is a plant-based egg substitute produced by the Hampton Creek Foods
Current efforts are focused on introducing the change to a single reception hall, Le
Baron Blue, with the intention slowly phasing out egg use in favor of the alternative.
At present, the immediate goal is to replace 10% of egg use with the substitute, with
the intention of using the unrecognizable difference between products made with
eggs and those made with the alternative as a platform to push further replacement.
At present, the group is establishing with the reception hall owner a commencement
date to begin introducing and monitoring the addition of the substitute. The
group is divided between setting up a proper distribution channel to transport the
substitute product to the hall in an affordable manner, and researching the actual
cost of each egg, factoring in environmental and damaged in transportation costs.
Our goal is to effectively substitute egg uses in the baked goods, desserts and home
made pastas. Through this we feel we can eliminate up to 80% of the egg demand
annually. The owner is cooperating and admitted that he finds the cost saving one
of the major advantages along with the hassle of always ordering eggs as they do
expire. He feels that barriers to entry are definitely low as in the food industry they
are always trying to reduce there bottom line. This product would be the best to do
it with as the functions they are used for in the food industry don?t effect the final
good at all.


Here is the breakdown of our project:

Background analysis: MY PART-
Cost of producing eggs-Environmental cost which include carban, waist, transportation, unused or expired, animal methane, cost of health issues. (production cost, transportation)-Health issues, samonella, cholesterol, bacteria in eggs, food born allergens,-animal issues, most killed animal, -unsustainle for human expansion especially in the next century with extreme population growth- The 15 functionality of eggs (purpose) usages in everyday product-Percentage of use in food industry billion dollar industry

Detailed analysis Fabio- DONT DO IT
To inhibite the use of eggs, risk of changing- biggest consumer of eggs is b2b then b2c thsi is why we are focusing of b2b-Our intented change is to swap eggs for our plant based solution. We want to target the 15 uses of eggs, for instance baking, binding ingredients liek mayonaise and dressing, pastas-Lowered cost compared to natural eggs, the benefit of bringing out the taste in foods compared to natural eggs.-Leverage Price benefit, health benefits, vegan friendly restaurants to implement change. Locations or places can shift the change. Easy penetration point for places we can start to introduce our product and produce large change, huge interest so that. Vegan restaurants and reception halls-Lobbyists of large egg industry, come out with campaigns not to eat fake eggs- Eggs come from local farms and our product comes from far away. We have a benefit of a 5 year shelf life in exchange for high transportation, duties and taxes-Wholesalers to start stocking up on it, therefore lowering the cost economies of scale, also will push the new product to there current restaurants and talking about the cost benefit which restaurant owners car about.-first time in market it becomes an egg substitute and then replaces it like butter with margarine. since it is sustainable, cheaper, and can charge more by selling a sustainable product

implementation plan Matt- DONT DO IT
first meeting to meet owners and introduce the fantastic new opportunity to lower cost, cholesterol and bring out the true taste of food that eggs mask.-Introduce product to chef who can taste it and compare it- switch out a few items that use eggs-analyze the benefits over a month to track the customer reaction, observe customer response and product purchases.-Do a test one restaurant we tell the customers about the change and another we dont tell the customer about the change. People are against change and this would guage there response, perhaps have teh waitress tell teh customer at the end if they enjoyed there meal. Remember a restaurant that swaped out mash potatoes for mashed colliflowers and it tasted the same and i would have never known.- Introduce to local vegan restaurants and a large chain of reception halls in montreal. Break the ice by introducing the product as being a cost benefit, also have the chef to cook the same meal one with egg and another without egg. -If we can convince the owner about teh cost benefits, and the head chef on the taste benefit to allow the flavour to come out more rather then eggs which mask the taste and needing more sugar or salts to bring out the flavour.-short-term trial basis to convert a segment of there menu that need eggs for cooking like baking and etc. To reduce egg use while still using eggs to compare the benefits.-long-term to convert full menu to non egg. 75% use of non eggs would be a success

outcome of your efforts MY PART 2 PAGES
Track and document our progress in creating change.
-did we succeed? Did not work because owner said shipping was too much of a hassle as they are only in California.
-why or why not?
-outcome can be negative, but must provide an explanation explain why failed, what are the reasons given by business owner etc
possibly shipping costs