Book report

A student might be required to give a book report during his or her academic degree programs. Book reports simply refer to giving detailed information of the contents in the book. The first step that you should take when writing a book report is to read the topic that you are required to report in the book. Examine and analyse the contents of the book before you begin to write your book report. Note down the important issues that are relevant to the topic of the book report. Carry out extensive research on the topic of the book report using scholarly books, articles, periodicals, and journals among others. The research should be based on relevant academic sources.

After you have conducted research and extensive reading on the topics, you can proceed to write your book report. When writing your book report. The introduction part of your book report should include information on the topic of the report and the author of the book. The subsequent sections of the book report should be made up of topics and subtopics. Each topic and sub topic should be followed by an explanation in paragraphs. The final part should have a reference page where you are required to indicate all the reference books used in the book report.


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