Beauty therapists

Beauty therapists

Carters Leisure Centre has a fully equipped gymnasium, squash courts, fitness studio and swimming pool, and provides beauty and holistic therapy treatments to the local community. They offer a range of exercise classes, have built up a good reputation for swimming teaching, and is the main provider of swimming lessons for both adults and children and the area. The income from swimming lessons is approximately 400,000 GBP per annum, which is re-invested in various projects such updating the equipment and facilities.

The gymnasium is run on a partnership basis with Fit Group, which provides the equipment and is responsible for the maintenance and repair, while Carters Leisure Centre provides the staff and marketing. The membership fees are split 50/50.

Carters employes 80 part-time staff, ranging from fitness and swimming instructors to beauty therapists. They offer both peak and off-peak (9.00am to 4.00pm) membership packages, and all new members pay a joining fee of 150.00 GBP. Members are entitled to use full range of facilities.

With only a small marketing budget, Carters places a weekly quarter-page advertisement in the local paper and organises several open days during the year. Research has indicated that word-of-mouth recommendation has been extremely effective.

Fitness First, a direct competitor, is due to open in three month’s time. Therefore the General Manager of Carters is considering conducting more marketing communication activities and implementing a loyalty scheme to help counteract the competition.
As a Marcomms Consultant, provide and produce a fully integrated marcomms plan for Carters General Manager. The plan must contain:

-Situation Analysis
-Business Objectives
-Marketing and Marcomms Objectives
-Marcomms Strategy
-Target Audience Selection and justification
-Tactics over time including a GANNT chart showing intergrated activities
-Measurement and Evaluation

Please note you will need to consider advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, online, personal selling and PR activities and how best to in integrate them in the plan. Depending upon what is intended to use, it is expected to see a selection of visuals, direct mail copy, telemarketing scripts, sales promotion incentives, news releases and features within the portfolio, as well as a breakdown and justification as how to spend the budget.

The portfolio will need to be presented in a professional business way using business language. It is expected to justify the selections and the plan.

Here is the grading criteria that must be met:

1- Presentation: plan format and layout.
2- Analysis: development of clear and structured strategy based on case study.
3- Understanding: clear identification of target audiences, media selection, media integration and timing, GANNT Chart.
4- Methodology: creativity of proposal ideas, rationale, budget and evaluation.
5- Overall: Style and clarity of thought,quality and appropriateness of creative thought, evidence of consideration of key issues original and independent thought.