Write a full, 2 page response to the dance Bach performed by Grupo Corpo. You want your reader to be able to get a very vivid sense of what it is like to watch the dance in person from reading your response, so using descriptive language is the key. Describe to the reader exactly what you saw, felt, and thought as you watched this particular dancework.
Program Information:
Dance Title: Bach
Choreographer: Rodrigo Pederneiras
Performers: Grupo Corpo (Brazilian Modern Dance Company)
Premiere: 1996
Watch the first 16 minutes.
Use the guidelines below:
Narrow your thesis. You only have two pages to say what you need. Limit your writing to only the most important material. After seeing the dance, you may find something about the style of the choreographer in general that is most interesting, evocative, provocative, intriguing, etc.?This is where you should center your writing. What interested you most? What made you feel the most? What made you most want to get up and move? These sorts of places will make the assignment more interesting for you to write, and more interesting for the reader.
Does this dance make me feel anything? Good, bad, uncomfortable? Even if you do not know why, don?t discard the emotions or physical sensations your mind or body are feeling while you watch a dance. Do your best to describe them. Sometimes dance can evoke feelings directly, as if bypassing the brain. You may not ever truly understand where they come from, but they are still worth addressing even if only in the form of a question.
Does the piece communicate to you? Look at the title, the costumes, the lighting. Does it seem as though it is meant to tell a specific story or theme? Maybe not? consider that some dance work is not meant to be narrative and is for pure design, architecture, sculpture ? something more abstract than a story. However, even in this case, it still may say something to you as an audience member.
Do not look for what you think the dance is "supposed" to mean, concentrate more on what it is to you. To determine "meaning," I find it helpful to think that watching dance is more like reading a poem than like reading a play. Often choreographers use movement as a metaphor since it can not easily "say" things in the same kind of intellectual detail as words.
Make sure you read your paper and revise ? don?t just hand in the first spell-checked draft. Be on the lookout for unsupported general statements like "This dance was very pleasing and beautiful to me. I liked it very much." When you see such an unsupported statement, ask yourself "why" and "how," then fill in the rest of the paragraph to explain your point. You must support your statements with clear, concrete, specific, descriptions and examples.
Be subjective. Write in the first person "I felt," "I saw," "this meant to me?" – Don?t even pretend that you are writing an objective observation of a factual event. Everything you see goes through your own private filter. Yes, there may be similarities in how people respond to common events, but I am most interested in what your personal experience is, not what you think is the norm or the common view. Just do your best to honestly offer your own perspective, both with the humility to recognize that others will have equally valid differing opinions, but also with the confidence that your take on it is just as good, or "right" as a New York Times critic.