Article summary

Most people are interested in reading of summaries of various academic papers, as opposed to the whole content of the paper. Reading of summary usually requires less time that reading of the whole story. Article summary should be a true reflection of the main article.

To come up with a quality article summary a student should follow the appropriate step when writing the article summary. You can be able to obtain advice and steps of writing a superior article summary from our website at  Before you begin to write your article summary make sure that you read the article thoroughly. Ensure that you understand each and every issue address in the article. Write down all the issues, subjects, and topics addressed in the article.

After writing down the issues identified in the article, you can start writing your article summary. Use your own words when writing the article summary. Make sure that the paragraphs are short and brief. The most important thing to observe is to ensure that you are always relevant to the issues in the original article. It is also advisable to observe that all issues addressed in the original article are included in the article summary.

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