Article critique

Article critique is an academic paper writing that is based on any given article. In the article critique paper, a student is required to provide his own arguments about an issue that is discussed in an article. The arguments can either be in support of the articles or against the article. The important thing to remember when writing an article critique papers is to base all your arguments on facts. Make sure that all the information that you give in support or against an article can be traced from a reliable source.

Make sure that you have an ample time to read the article that you are supposed to base your article critique. Carry out research to find out the facts of the information contained on the articles. The research to be done will depend on the topic of the article. Investigate as much as possible on the information in the article. Make sure that you have some background information of the writer of the article.  Identify the areas that you want to comment on in the article and make sure that you have enough information on those issues. Write clear and detailed information about the issue you have identified. Make sure that you either support or oppose the idea of the author. Base all you arguments on facts.

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