Analyse the impact of nature and nurture on children’s growth and development.

Analyse the impact of nature and nurture on children’s growth and development.
1 (a) Daniel is 6 months old and can sit unsupported for short periods. Describe Daniel’s physical development between the ages of 6 and 18 months. (b) Stacey has just had her fifth birthday and has started Primary School. Describe Stacey’s expected cognitive development between the ages of 5 and 8 years. (c) Name two main influences on children’s development and analyse one positive and one negative effect of both these influences on a child’s all-round development. A child’s linguistic development can be affected by the following factors: new experiences; parents/carers; education; physical development; culture. Choose two of the above factors and evaluate the possible impact of these on a child’s linguistic development.
(b) Describe two methods used in the study of children’s development. (i) Describe one theory of emotional, personal and social development in children in terms of research methods and criticisms. Explain how a knowledge of this theory could affect practice in early education and child care settings.

Analyse the impact of nature and nurture on children’s growth and development.
Question 3 Read the following case study and answer the questions below. The Pajak family has recently moved to Scotland with its children, Marja, 9 years 6 months, and George, 3 years 3 months. Mr Pajak works in the local College and Mrs Pajak, a trained nurse, is improving her English in order to get a job. The family enjoys a wide range of activities together, swimming, skiing and working on their allotment. George likes to spend time with his father, who collects him from nursery and takes an interest in his progress. The family enjoys a good diet with freshly cooked food. Most evenings are spent together sharing their day’s experiences and improving their ability to speak English by reading and playing games. Marja is making friends and sometimes goes out to play but is always home on time as she knows her parents would worry if she were late.

With reference to Maslow’s theory, explain the basic health needs of the children in the case study. Describe the family’s parenting style. How may this style of parenting contribute to the holistic health of the children in the case study? The following questions do not relate to the case study
Explain the ways that the technological revolution can affect the basic health needs of children. Evaluate the possible effects of two socio-economic factors on children’s health.
Question 4 Lorraine, 6 years 8 months, is sitting in the quiet area with a Classroom Assistant and reading her story-book aloud. The Classroom Assistant prompts her and encourages her to sound out the letters, she praises Lorraine’s efforts, and they laugh at the illustrations in the book.
Describe one theory of linguistic development that would explain Lorraine’s ability to learn to read. Explain how knowledge of theories of linguistic development would influence the provision of activities in the Primary School.
Later Lorraine looks for the Classroom Assistant in the playground to tell her that she has just been sick. She looks flushed and has a headache. (c) Explain the role and responsibilities of the adult in responding to this situation. Explain the role of two professionals who would be involved in promoting the holistic health of children in this Primary School.