Admission /Scholarship/Application Essays

The student must give a brief description of what will be discussed in the essay. The student must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the topic. The topic must be discussed in detail using relevant sources of information. If the essay is on personal experience, it should be discussed in detail. It is also vital to connect the topic under discussion with the reasons why one should be awarded the scholarship. The language chosen should be sincere and clear. It should be flow cohesively with the topic. Any discussion on irrelevant issues that have nothing to do with the topic must be avoided. The panel will be after an elaborate and comprehensive coverage of the topic. It is also crucial to demonstrate your aspirations and goals in life. This is done through the use of descriptive words to show creativity. Then one should show how admission into the applied program will enhance attainment of these goals and objectives. The descriptive language and coherence in the flow of ideas is vital to making the essays stand out hence success. Any vagueness must be avoided. Plagiarism must also be avoided. One should ensure that he remains original in his ideas as possible. This will be demonstrated in case the panel decides to invite one for an interview.

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